Pay It Forward! Nursery & 3rd Grade

Written by KarinaC. Posted in Nursery

To celebrate the act of giving thanks, we invited 3rd grade to come to our classroom for the morning.  Our children worked really hard to make them personalized bracelets during the week, which they gave to the 3rd graders when they came.

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In return, the big kids sat down with the Nursery children and made them a gorgeous drawing using autumn leaves.

We paired them up and they got to work!  They showed the children how to make a drawing by rubbing a crayon with a leaf on some paper.  They also wrote them a little message.  The children were so excited to have the big kids over, and the exchange was very sweet. It was great to see the 3rd graders take charge and teach the younger ones how to do it, and then give it to them as a present.

We had so much fun and are so grateful for this experience! 🙂