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Pay It Forward! Nursery & 3rd Grade

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To celebrate the act of giving thanks, we invited 3rd grade to come to our classroom for the morning.  Our children worked really hard to make them personalized bracelets during the week, which they gave to the 3rd graders when they came.

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In return, the big kids sat down with the Nursery children and made them a gorgeous drawing using autumn leaves.

We paired them up and they got to work!  They showed the children how to make a drawing by rubbing a crayon with a leaf on some paper.  They also wrote them a little message.  The children were so excited to have the big kids over, and the exchange was very sweet. It was great to see the 3rd graders take charge and teach the younger ones how to do it, and then give it to them as a present.

We had so much fun and are so grateful for this experience! 🙂

Diving into Spanish

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We started the year learning the SER song and explaining all about the students: age, nationality, things that they like to do… Also, we have been talking about the members of our family. Through different games, we were working on animals: how they look like, where they live, what they like to eat.. We started to write simple sentences a few days ago and our 2nd and 3rd grade students did their best. They were very excited sharing their ideas about their favourite animal!

Foto 1 Foto 2

Kindergarten Winter Concert Update

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The Winter Concert is Coming!

Kindergarten Attire: Yellow Top,  Black Pants or Skirt and black shoes!

winter concert poster copy

Kindergarten has been busy with bells in preparation for the Winter Concert!

They will be performing two pieces on the Winter Concert. Their first piece is a dance to J.S. Pierpont´s Jingle Bells. Students have learned choreography to this song in order to identify patterns (or Form) in music.  Jingle Bells has two parts-an A and B section. Here´s the listening map we use in class to help visualise what we´re hearing!


By adding movement and choreography to music, students learn to listen and respond to form, meter and phrase length in music!

At home extension: Ask your child to teach you the dance at home! You may also want to listen to different versions of Jingle Bells to find the different parts of the song.


Listen to the Jingles!

This song is also an AB form song! Students have been working hard on their singing and performance skills in this song.  We´ve taken time in class to discuss what makes a great performance! Students are busy practicing the following key performance skills!


1. Standing Strait and Tall

2. Using your best singing voice

3. Smiling and having FUN!!!

Here are our lyrics!Slide2

Looking forward to seeing BFIS friends and Family at our Winter Concert! -Ms. G

Jolly Grammar- “th” sound and correcting sentences

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This week during our Jolly Grammar sentences we have been concentrating on sounds with contain the sound “th.”

Here are some words we came up with along with many others:


Also this week we have been working on finding mistakes in sentences and correcting them.

The mistakes included: adding a capital letter at the start of a sentence, in a name or when using the word I. Adding a period/full stop at the end of a sentence and adding missing words.


Here are some games which your child might enjoy playing with!

Finally, here is the spelling list we have been working on this week


November 25-27 Weekend Music Experiences for Families!

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Hello BFIS Music Families and Friends!  

Barcelona is a great city for the arts, I´d like to start sharing musical opportunities for families to take enjoy on the weekends!

If YOU know of a family friendly concert, or musical event in BCN, email the link to

This Weekend´s Recommendations:

Quotidáfons Bufats at Museo de la Musica, Saturday November 26, 12:00

and Palau de la Musica Open House Sunday November 27, 10-15.




Everyday instruments

Learn how to make instruments out of everyday objects! How cool is that?  Guided by Xavi Lozano, children and families will get to see instruments created from everyday object side by side with Instruments from the Muse de Musica!  Great connections to science, engineering and the arts!  If you can´t make this weekend, check out other dates this event is offered. Click the picture to for information and to order tickets!

November 26


Sunday´s Pick Open House at the Palau de la Musica

Whether you´re an art or music lover, the Palau de la Musica is truly a treasure of Barcelona.  

There will be special performances during the day (click the link for details) by the Choral School. It promises to be an exciting and musical day!

Open Day Palau