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El otoño ha llegado a Nursery

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En las clases de castellano de Nursery hemos celebrado la llegada del otoño. Esta unidad  nos ha  permitido trabajar muchos aspectos lingüísticos y establecer conexiones entre ellos.: vocabulario de los colores, las formas , las hojas, los frutos de otoño, el tiempo,canciones, audiocuentos, la ropa etc. Los cuentos al inicio de nuestras clases ofrecen a los niños la posibilidad de escuchar y expresarse  en castellano a la vez que nos sirven de hilo conductor para realizar actividades complementarias manipulando diferentes materiales: pintura, pegatinas, colores papel de seda…. Estamos muy contentas de ver como los más pequeños del colegio se van familiarizando con esta lengua y se muestran ansiosos por aprender.Mi letra 1mi letra 2mi letra 3mi letra 4


Language Acquisition at BFIS

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Last Friday we had the opportunity to present our latest parent info session on the topic of language acquisition. We would like to thank all the families who were able to attend and we hope this presentation helped you to understand how we acquire a foreign language. For individuals who were unable to attend, we have included a link to the presentation slides.  Feel free to use the links, books and resources you will find at the end of the presentation as a reference. Additionally, we have also embedded a video in this post that was created by a fellow international school.  The video highlights the importance of supporting the continued development of the “mother tongue” for students who attend international schools where the primary language of instruction is not their first language.

As always, our goal at BFIS is to honor the unique qualities of every child and implement research-based instructional strategies to maximize every student’s potential.  We hope you will find this information helpful and we look forward to continuing to support your children in their language journey!

Language Acquisition at BFIS Presentation Slides

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

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This week in Nursery we started our new unit: Boxes! Children love boxes and find so many different ways to use them. We’ve all seen kids who ignore a new toy and go play with the box instead and we’re going to try use their amazing imaginations to explore the different shapes, sizes and uses of boxes. Throughout this unit, we will use boxes to develop and strengthen our problem solvingprediction making, and investigative skills.

IMG_3701                       box2

The children explored all different sized boxes, creating drums, shakers, cars, buses, hiding inside and jumping out.

IMG_3653    Archivo_002(1)

They also stuck pipe cleaners in holes in the boxes to make a monster!!

We’re looking forward to the rest of the unit and seeing what else their imaginations can show us!!

Winter Concert Update!

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Dear BFIS Families and Friends, 

The children have been busy preparing a wonderful winter performance for family and friends.  This year, each grade level will be focusing on different traditions or musical genres popular in the winter season.  Please try to assure your child´s attendance for the concert, as all students work together to create their performances, remember performance is a team activity!! The details of the winter concert are:

winter concert poster copy Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there! Please email me with any questions or concerns, or if your child will be unable to make the performance! I´m always happy to help!

Ms. Heather Gilles, General Music BFIS ES

Details for Families!

Attire:  All Students: BOTTOM: Black Pants or Skirt   SHOES: Black Dress Shoes (parents, please no tennis shoes or heels as they aren´t safe for dancing!)

  • Kindergarten Theme (Jingle):  Please wear a yellow top
  • First Grade Theme (Kwanzaa traditions):  Green Top
  • Second Grade Theme (Mexican Christmas traditions): White Top
  • Third Grade  Theme (Hanukkah traditions): Blue Top
  • Fourth Grade Theme (Swinging Wintertime): White or Silver Top with Hat and Scarf (any colours…make it fun!!!)
  • Fifth Grade Theme (Winter Comforts!): Cute/Silly Winter Sweater and Plastic Mug with Handle. (5th Grade Parents bring in extra plastic mugs if you have them, as they can be hard to find!!)

Students in 5th grade have been rehearsing diligently for their upcoming concert, and even played a part in deciding their attire for the concert.  Students in 5th grade will need a plastic mug (like a coffee cup) and either a plain sweat in any colour OR an FUN WINTER SWEATER (see examples below) .  

Ugly Winter Sweaters Examples

         Explanation:  Students can design their own ‘silly winter sweater’ using fabric or foam cut outs, or perhaps they already have one hanging in a closet!  This is a great chance for them to be creative and have fun!  Here are some examples of  ¡¡¡winter sweaters’!

Looking forward to a wonderful concert!! -Ms. G!



Guest Readers and Special Visitors

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Our Kindergarten classes have been so fortunate to have special visitors come into our classrooms to read to us. The kids (and we teachers) have been absolutely loving it! Here are some photos from our most recent Guest Readers. Thanks to all of you have expressed interest and have signed up to come in. We can’t wait to see you soon! 


This week we also had a special visit from two Middle Schoolers who, as part of their Wellness Class, came into Kindergarten to read stories, play games, and talk about what it means to be a good friend. This was a very special opportunities for both the Middle Schoolers and the Kindergarteners to connect across age levels and build community. The Middle Schoolers read the books You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang and Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreaes.

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