Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

Written by Caitriona Ross. Posted in Nursery

This week in Nursery we started our new unit: Boxes! Children love boxes and find so many different ways to use them. We’ve all seen kids who ignore a new toy and go play with the box instead and we’re going to try use their amazing imaginations to explore the different shapes, sizes and uses of boxes. Throughout this unit, we will use boxes to develop and strengthen our problem solvingprediction making, and investigative skills.

IMG_3701                       box2

The children explored all different sized boxes, creating drums, shakers, cars, buses, hiding inside and jumping out.

IMG_3653    Archivo_002(1)

They also stuck pipe cleaners in holes in the boxes to make a monster!!

We’re looking forward to the rest of the unit and seeing what else their imaginations can show us!!