Jump Rope Unit

Written by Elena Pons. Posted in ES PE

Dear all,


In Elementary School we have been practicing Jump Rope. It is  a great workout that improves cardiovascular health  and has many other benefits.

It gives us quickness, coordination, and agility, it burns calories, it increases bone density, and it’s good for your brain.

Some of the skills and tricks we have been working on are below.


Side Swing

  1. Twirl rope to one side
  2. Repeat on the opposite side
  3. Twirl rope alternatively from side to side

Hint: Keep hands together, keep feet together

Crossover (Cross Arms)

  1. Cross arms and jump
  2. Open rope, basic bounce

Hint: Cross right arm over left, cross left arm over right

Full Turn (One Complete Circle With Rope In Front)

  1. Turn body left, with right turn of rope
  2. Side swing right, body turns right
  3. Full turn body makes full turn to right
  4. Jump rope forward

Hint: Follow rope, rope and body may turn left

Forward 180

  1. Side swing left, half turn of body right
  2. Jump over backward turning rope

Hint: Follow rope, rope and body may turn to left

Backward 180 (Turn Keeping Rope In Front Of Face)

  1. Jump backward, turning rope
  2. Half turn of body left, facing rope
  3. Jump rope forward

Hint: Follow rope, rope and body may turn left

Double Under

  1. Whip rope to increase speed
  2. Rope passes under feet twice during one jump

Hint: Jump higher than normal at first

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Double Dutch