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School is out – – it’s summer!!

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Dear Parents,

Summer is finally here!  The children have worked hard, and deserve a rest. 

But before long, we all know that the inevitable will happen – – you will hear your child say,

“What is there to do???” 

Well, here are some suggestions for activities to do with your future third grader.

  • read every day:  read to your child, and have your child read to you, his or her siblings, or to read to himself or herself.  In English and any other language!
  • write every day:  have your child write a summer journal of what they have experienced daily, write to each other in an interactive journal, inspire your child to write POETRY!
  • read the poetry of Amy Ludwig Van Derwater, Zoë Ryder White, Kristine O’Connell George and others.  Inspire your child to look at the world with poet’s eyes.
  • for more math practice, find the Common Core codes, and google loads of activities
  • above all, treasure the time you spend together!

Here are some online resources:

a.  Online games in math and reading:

b.  Work with reading  and reading fluency:  search for summer activities, and you will find, among other activities:

c.  Work with math fluency

d. Work with math word problems (rich tasks, when they genuinely inspire children to think and stretch their capabilities)

e.  Ideas for writing:

f.   Work with reading comprehension:

g.  Summer reading books/ suggested books

h.  free online books

The future third graders have worked very, very hard this year and it has been an honor working with them.

We thank all of you for all the support you have given your child, and also the support you have given us. Take care and have a wonderful summer!

The Second Grade Team

Thank you

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I heart BFIS
During the past ten years, many things have changed in the elementary school.  Although I am naturally biased, I am confident that the work accomplished by our faculty over this period of time leaves the school is in a much stronger place than when I arrived in 2006.

With that said, I am equally convinced that the best is yet to come.  For the first time, BFIS will have completed a building from the foundation up and the elementary school happens to be the lucky inhabitants.  Additionally, the introduction of new leaders at an important time will provide unique and fresh perspectives in helping guide our ongoing pursuit of the school mission.

I am very grateful for everything that BFIS has given to me over the last decade.  An invaluable professional experience.  Unforgettable relationships.  The opportunity to live in my favorite city.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, BFIS.



Recipes for Petit Chefs

Written by Beatrice Zimmermann. Posted in After school Activities

????????????Our Petit Chefs have worked really hard this academic year and they have  learned lots of things about cooking: how to combine different ingredients, various cooking methods, safely exploring kitchen gadgets, and international dishes from other countries!  They have really become very experienced chefs!!

We would like to share with you some of the recipes they have cooked so that you can also try them at home and have your children show you their new skills. Please keep in mind that the Petit Chefs Recipes are presented in the original form but in the classroom they were adapted for allergies and dietary requirements.

We hope they have all enjoyed cooking.  See you next year!!

Ms. Gemma and Ms. Tere



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Save The Date

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The Council for International Schools will be hosting their annual Forum on International Admissions and Guidance in Barcelona next year where hundreds of universities from around the world will be in attendance.  They have chosen to host their Pre-Forum College Fair at BFIS on Tuesday, November 15, 2016!  Please see the official Save the Date here.


Written by Paul Fulce. Posted in MS/HS Principal

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for Grade 9 IB Information Session last week.  If you were unable to attend, or for those of you who would like to review the presentation, please click Grade 9 IB Information Session


Remember that any questions can be directed to the following members of the High School Leadership Team: (general IB questions) (university admissions info) (Spanish national program questions) (academic questions)