¡La comida que me gusta!

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 1st Grade SAL, Kindergarten SAL, SAL

Our Kinder and 1st graders are learning vocabulary related to food  in Spanish.

We have been practicing some previous vocabulary as well as we have learned many more. We have also introduced some new structures that help us when speaking in Spanish such as: “no/me gusta porque” (I do/don’t like it because) or “Compro_____ en la ______” (I buy _____ at the ______); for example.

We have learned the name of the shops in which we can buy food through the usage of flashcards as well as through a poster we made to decorate our class:

 IMG_20160314_110625978 IMG_20160314_110650616

Worksheets have been a really good tool to learn some more vocabulary and we played bingo to integrate the pictures with its meaning. We also became chefs for one day and we created our own menu that was shared with the rest of our classmates which help us use the new grammar and vocabulary in a more significant way!


We had a lot of fun learning this topic and we’ll start learning vocabulary related to “la primavera” (the spring) after the Spring break.

We are looking forward to share what we learn with you!