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Written by Liz Jacobs. Posted in 1st Grade


As 1st graders begin to explore the environment around them they make sense of the world. At an early age children learn to engage and interact with the world around them. It is also wonderful to hear that play is important to healthy brain development because it allows children to be creative, use their imagination and their physical, cognitive and emotional strength. In order to build on those explorations 1st grade went to the museum of scientific discovery, Cosmo Caixa! In addition to enjoying all the museum has to offer we took part in an interactive play activity, “Clik”. Through smells, tactile sensations, bubbles, simple machines and instruments the children explored, observed and made scientific discoveries about the world around them!


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Biography Unit in Reading and Writing Workshop

Written by MaryAnn Sayaz. Posted in 4th Grade

We have just kicked off our unit for biographies and are very excited about learning how to read and write about real people.   With aligning the Reading and Writing units we will be able to help the students learn how to properly analyze the information they are reading and be able to gather and collect information and turn it into writing.

Right now the students are perusing through various biographies.  Within the next week or so the children will be able to choose the person that they would like to research within the biographies that we have here and do a report on their chosen person.


Jugar es aprender

Written by Jefa Mercade. Posted in Castellano, Kindergarten Castellano

En las clases de castellano de Kinder hemos hablado del invierno para recordar y afianzar algunas palabras de vocabulario relacionados con esta estación. En febrero aprovechando la celebración del carnaval hemos combinado  diferentes actividades que al final se vieron culminadas con la llegada del Carnestoltes a la escuela. Estaban todos muy emocionados .En clase , los niños pudieron ver y manipular distintos materiales para elaborar sus mascaras a la vez que  aprendieron  y utilizamos palabras nuevas como: serpentina, confeti, antifaz, máscara…

En nuestros centros  que realizamos los viernes hemos introducido una actividad nueva donde los niños construyen palabras a la vez que juegan y desarrollan habilidades lingüisticas. Con estas actividades también fomentamos el trabajo en quipo. ¡Ah! ytaprendimos una  adivinanza nueva  (los pies) y otra canción (los días de la semana) para añadir a nuestra recopilación.

puzles 4



puzles 2puzles 3antifaz3antifaz 4serpentina y confetiAdivinanza pies

Gymnastics in Elementary

Written by Elena Pons. Posted in ES PE

We have been working on our gymnastic skills. January and February have been partially dedicated to our Gymnastics Unit. Front rolls, Back rolls, Hand stands, Head stands, Balances, Cartwheels, etc, have been the main elements of these lessons. Certainly, we have improved on Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Coordination. Although we cannot say that it has been a cold winter, we have enjoyed spending some quite time indoors at the Auditorium.


gymnastics gymnastics2


Written by AngieB. Posted in Nursery

In Nursery we have started our new unit on CLOTHES! Children are interested in clothes from a very young age. Babies tug their clothes, toddlers study buttons and zippers, and by the time children are in school, they develop distinct preferences for colors, fabrics and styles.

In Nursery, children’s natural interest in clothing will be the foundation for learning about different kinds of clothes, the variety of fabrics, and the specialized purposes of some clothes. We will explore social studies and science concepts about different types of clothing and we will use skills in literacy and math as they investigate.