The parts of our house

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 2nd-3rd Grade Beginner SAL, SAL

For the past weeks, SAL students from 2nd and 3rd grade, have been working very hard on the parts of the house.

They have learned the name of the furniture we can find in each one of the rooms and have been using new grammar structures with the verbs “tener” and “haber”.

Through vocabulary contests, drawings and descriptions; SAL students have proved not only to have understood the contents of this topic but also to be able to use them in a meaningful way.

As a final project for this unit, students have been asked to create their own room by using recycled materials (due date is on February the 10th). Pupils will have to include all of the furniture we have been working on and will present it to the rest of their classmates.

The next unit we will be working on is related to food, we will keep you updated!