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Poetry in Second Grade

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

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In Second Grade we  just wrapped up our unit on personal narratives, ending with a whole second grade celebration of our published work.

Now we are starting our unit on poetry.  We began the unit asking  the children to write a poem, and in many cases their first thought was to find rhyming words for the end of each line, writing a poem which sounds  like a song.

Yet as we  progress through our unit, basing our lessons on a very inspiring book, Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages , by Lucy Calkins and Stephanie Parsons, the children will come to learn that, first and foremost, being a poet involves looking at the world with a poet’s eyes – – that is, looking  at the world in fresh, new ways. We can create significant poems when we have meaningful ideas to write about.  By looking at life closely and carefully, poets find topics to write about that mean a lot to them, topics that give them “big feelings.”  Poets  find ways in which to anchor these feelings in small objects or details, making pictures that they paint with words, which shows rather than tells  you just how they perceive the world.  The second graders will learn how to be think and act like poets!

In addition, the second graders will use their poet’s ears as they listen to the sounds of poetry.  They will learn how to find and use  precise language, striving to find the perfect words to make their ideas as clear and powerful as possible.   They will experiment with comparisons and point of view, and practice looking at pattern and repetition to enhance the meaning of their poems.  We hope to see lots of growth in the children as the unit progresses.

We highly recommend the following websites.  These poets have inspired last year’s second graders, who  read their poems with open minds and open hearts.  We hope you will help foster your child’s  appreciation of poetry!   poems of Amy Ludwig Van Derwater   poems of Zoë Ryder White  poems of Kristine O’Connell George

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The 5 Senses

Written by AngieB. Posted in Nursery

In Nursery we are learning about the 5 senses. It is a classic theme for young learners because children learn through their senses. Babies put all objects they can get a hold of in their mouths. Why? Well, it’s not because they want to displease you, it’s because they are exploring their surroundings with their senses.

We will be exploring a different sense every week. This week we are starting with the sense of sight. So far we have painted with a blind-fold, we have been games like “I Spy with my Little Eye”, and tomorrow we will make binoculars in class to help the students look for things.

We will be combining these sensory activities with math and literacy. This week the students will do lots of counting when we go out in the playground looking with their class-made binoculars. They will also write their letter and name in shaving foam, which smells amazing and feels very soft and gooey. We can’t wait!