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Local Culture

Written by Kathy Shepherd. Posted in Kindergarten

During December and January Kinder has been working on a unit called Local Culture.

In this unit we have learnt about some different important places such as Tibidabo, Montjuic, Camp Nou and about some of Gaudí´s most famous works including La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell.

As part of this unit, we made large group drawing of different places in Barcelona.

IMG_1147IMG_1151 IMG_1154

We also made our own individual paintings of La Sagrada Familia.

IMG_1137IMG_1138 IMG_1139IMG_1140 IMG_1141

Finally, we were on a field trip to Parque Guell and La Sagrada Familia and had a great time!


We are looking forward to starting our next unit about the 7 Continents next week.

The “How To” on How-To Books

Written by Lindsey Alvarez. Posted in Kindergarten

In Kindergarten we are learning how to write nonfiction stories, more specifically, how-to books.  This is a very exciting unit for the children.  These books give the students the chance to be experts in things they know all about! Riding bikes, playing soccer, skateboarding are among the many things they will be able to express to their readers.   We started off the unit by making our afternoon snacks for the day! All of our students knew how to make a sandwich. So we decided to make them, and go through the actions step by step:  


First cut the bread

IMG_1111 (1)



Put on the cheese


Add the ham


Add the other slice of bread

Eat and enjoy! 


In this unit the students will learn more conventions on writings, step by step processes, and characteristics that go along with non-fiction books. This is a favorite unit for many and the students will be able to show off their expertise!