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Suggestions for holiday activities (2): literacy games

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Suggestions for holiday activities (2)


Dear Parents,

 These weeks off are a time for rest and play!  But if you would like some ideas for helping your child with literacy, here are some links with great online activities and games for your perusal.  The list is long, and please remember these are just suggestions!


These websites have loads of fun activities, in reading and in math:


For online reading:  over 42, 000 classic books, free, online!  For all ages  250 free books online, for kids of all ages many free books for kids online  a number of free online stories for children requires subscription.  Please ask Emma and Valerie for your child’s reading level to know which books to read.


Vocabulary: for all ages!  For each correct answer, the website donates 10 grams of rice to the World Hunger Programme.  Note:  this website is addicting!


Writing: ideas for a holiday writing journal December writing journal prompts


For practicing high frequency words (sight words):


Create your own crossword puzzles!


Create your own handwriting practice worksheets:

For other language arts activities:   (Mad Libs!)

 On another note, we wanted to give you some information about a new educational program that the  Learning Support Department at BFIS School has been recently working with.  It’s called  Nessy Reading, and it is an online program that promotes literacy development.  The Learning Support Department is very impressed by this fun, engaging program which uses the very same instructional techniques that the Department teaches to those receiving learning support.

Unfortunately  the learning support program does not have the budget to pay for individual memberships for each student who would benefit from the program. But, if you would like to get a subscription for your child, the LS Department can help facilitate his or her work on Nessy.

The price for a one year subscription is 25 euros, which would be a great holiday gift.  Check it out at


So, now you have a long list of ideas for optional homework.  What’s really most important, though, is to remember to treasure the time spent with your child!


Warm wishes from the Second Grade Team!!

TCHOUKBALL, What is it?

Written by Elena Pons. Posted in ES PE


Image result for tchoukball        Image result for tchoukball

Last Friday 4th grade went on a Field Trip to learn about a sport created in Switzerland about 40 years ago.

The sport is usually played on an indoor court measuring 27 metres by 16 metres. At each end there is a ‘frame’ (a device similar to a trampoline off which the ball bounces) which measures one square metre and a semicircular D-shaped forbidden zone measuring three metres in radius. Each team can score on both ends on the field, and comprises twelve players, of which seven may be on the court at any one time. In order to score a point, the ball must be thrown by an attacking player, hit the frame and bounce outside the ‘D’ without being caught by the defending team. Physical contact is prohibited, and defenders may not attempt to intercept the attacking team’s passes. Players may take three steps with the ball, hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds, and teams may not pass the ball more than three times before shooting at the frame.

Tchoukball has some elements that remind us Handball and Volleyball and is a very dynamic and fast sport.

Tchouk tchouk1 tchouk2


Winter Celebrations around the World

Written by Núria Araguas. Posted in 2nd Grade Spanish-Catalan Studies, Spanish-Catalan Studies

Over the last few weeks, we have taken the opportunity to explore different countries in the world and their winter celebrations. We were reading and watching videos about how people celebrate these special days in different cultures, broadening and acquiring new vocabulary and expressions. We first started with Poland and Russia, exploring the food they eat and their cultural traditions. Afterwards, we learned about Holland and Sinterklaas. We continued with the festival of lights in India, Diwali, and the German Christmas markets. We finished our trip learning about Hannukah. After having learned about all these different countries, we dove into the Spanish traditions, learning about the typical gastronomy in Spain, Christmas Eve or Nochebuena, Christmas, San Esteve and the Three Wise Men. Our students were surprised to discover that the tradition in Spain is to eat twelve grapes to the chimes of the clock on New Year’s Eve.

We wrapped up the unit by crafting a seasonal craft that students were excited to take home. Have a look at this special craft, we are artists!


IMG_2184  IMG_2191 IMG_2192

Suggestions for holiday activites (1): math games

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Suggestions for holiday activities (1)



Dear Parents,

Here are some fun online math games  to play with your child over vacation.  As you play the games listed below, please remember to ask your child to explain his or her thinking.  

You can ask:

  • Can you show me your answer in words, numbers, and with a picture?  
  • How did you get the answer?  
  • Are there any other ways of getting the answer?  
  • Imagine I’m a kid and I don’t understand how to do it.  Can you teach me?


Play the game  Base Ten Blocks

Play the game  Base Ten Blocks

Play the game  Place Value:  Show Expanded Numbers!

I Like…numbers to 25

Numbers on the Ten Frame

Play Odd & Even Interactive Games

Let’s Play Base Ten Bingo

3 Ways of Expanded Form

Expanded Form with 3 –digits

Compare Numbers Game – Level I

Compare Numbers

Skip Counting by 10’s to 300

Skip Counting by 5s to 100

Skip Counting by 100s

Skip Counting Backwards by 5

Skip Counting Backwards by 10

Fairies in the Fog

Help the fairies find the butterfly with the hidden number counting by 10’s

Help the fairies find the butterfly with the hidden number counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s, 100’s


Please read our second holiday activity post, with literacy ideas!


The Second Grade Team

Pequeños publicistas

Written by Jefa Mercade. Posted in 4th Grade Castellano, Castellano

Para terminar el primer trimestre y aprovechando que  ahora  se acerca una de las épocas del año de máximo consumo, hablamos  de lo presente que están los  anuncios publicitarios  en nuestras vidas. Empezamos planteando algunas preguntas a los niños para que reflexionen:   ¿Alguna vez has pedido un juguete o regalo al verlo anunciado?, ¿Era cómo en el anuncio? ¿Alguna vez has pensado en cuántos anuncios dan por la televisión?

Primero analizamos un anuncio y diferenciamos los  tres elemntos que todo  anuncio debe tener:

1. El nombre del producto

2. El eslogan :  breve y fácil de recordar

3.La imagen y el color : para atraer y llamar la atención de la gente rápidamente

Después nos convertimos en pequeños publicistas y les pedimos  que elaboraran su primer proyecto para lanzar al mercado su nuevo producto. Como siempre, la imaginación y creatividad  de los niños nos sorprende y ¿quién sabe? Quizás en un futuro veremos un anuncio de alguno de nuestros estudiantes…. Y con esta unidad hemos terminado nuestro primer cuaderno de actividades que todos celebramos con éxito!! Aprovechamos también para desearles unas buenas y merecidas vacaciones de invierno.

Anuncio 1anuncio 2     Foto lengua 4