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Clothing Drive Success!

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Our CAS students had another successful year for the collaboration with the Fundación GLORR. This Foundation assists children and families living in extreme economic deprivation and social exclusion.  They also provide clothing and footwear for children & their families.  Thanks to a wonderful team of grade 11 students with the support of Emma Kerr in our elementary school, we provided GLORR with more than 60 bags of clothing this year. This happens thanks to the great generosity of our parents and staff, so thank you to all of our community.


IB Mock Exam schedule

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Parents, here is the Mock IB Exams schedule for Semester 1.  Students will have study leave on December 9 (they are not required to be at school) and exams will begin on December 10.  The last exam will take place on December 18.

Please remember that we do not re-schedule IB exams for any reason in the IB, so be sure to adjust any plans accordingly.

Semester 1 Exam Schedule Grades 9-11

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keep-calm-and-study-for-examsParents, here is the exam schedule for Grades 9-11.  Please remember that Semester 1 exams being on December 15th and that exams will not be rescheduled without excused medical documentation. Semester 1 Exam Schedule Students in Grades 9-11are required to be present at school when they have an exam and then are encouraged to return home to study.  There will be no regular classes during that time.

Thanksgiving lunch for all students

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 Happy Thanksgiving!  During this uniquely American holiday, we reflect on the things for which we should be thankful.  We are thankful for your students.  This year, we wanted to do something a little special, so we are providing a thanksgiving meal to ALL students in grade 6-12 on Thursday, November 26.  There is no cost to the students.


If you are interested in reading or watching videos about this unique Holiday, click The History of Thanksgiving  and Thanksgiving Facts

How to talk to teens about drug use

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Being a teenager and raising a teenager are individually, and collectively, enormous challenges. For many teens, illicit substance use and abuse become part of the landscape of their teenage years. Although most adolescents who use drugs do not progress to become drug abusers, or drug addicts in adulthood, drug use in adolescence is a very risky proposition. Even small degrees of substance abuse (for example, alcohol, marijuana, and inhalants) can have negative consequences. Typically, school and relationships, notably family relationships, are among the life areas that are most influenced by drug use and abuse.

As a parent, you may not even know the landscape that currently confronts your child around drug use, both legal and illegal.  Click the link to find resources from on drugs, drug use, and how to talk to your child about drugs and their effects. Drugs-FAQ