How we celebrate Fall

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 1st Grade SAL, ES CSCS, Kindergarten SAL, SAL

Since Fall has arrived, we are working on different topics related to. During the last weeks, we have been singing several songs to learn some specific vocabulary. We are having fun with our Otoño song and we take advantage of this, working on different activities. We are also learning and practicing the letters and the sounds in Spanish. This month we are reviewing the letter Z and we are learning some vocabulary that contains this letter: calabaza, manzana, maíz, zanahoria…


Over the last week of October, we focused on two important celebrations: Halloween and la Castañada. We sang and performed Los esqueletos and children worked on  cute terrifying skeletons to learn the body parts. In addition, during these weeks, we are learning about clothes and we are reviewing the concepts that we have learned before.