Are you ready for a new staircase?

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Campus Improvements, Elementary School, ES Building Progress, ES Principal

At BFIS, we do our best to remain true to the core elements that make our school special.  But, what exactly does this have to do with staircases?  Everything.

Each year we hear from past, current, and prospective families that what separates us from other schools is the close connection among students, parents, and faculty.  Moreover, countless community members have shared how much they appreciate being welcomed into our learning space as opposed to being “blocked at the gate,” which often happens at other schools.  We know this extra touch of opening our doors sends a strong message, especially to the students who see parents and teachers communicating and exchanging friendly greetings each day.

As a result, one of the great design elements of the new ES building is a wide staircase built to accommodate the foot traffic we witness on a daily basis.  With over 200 students and caregivers in transition during drop-off and pick-up, our challenge was to protect the “open-door” feel for families and create an infrastructure to elevate the day-to-day experience for the community.

Here is a video from today as the construction team begins to tackle the main staircase.  Though it’s difficult to grasp the full dimension, our staircase will be three meters wide with a rail in the middle to divide the flow between those heading upstairs versus those moving downstairs.  Needless to say, it will be a major upgrade from the current experience on campus!