1st Music in September

Written by Rachel Grove. Posted in 1st Grade Music, ES Music

The first graders have made a great transition from Kinder to 1st grade music. It is really wonderful to see them all again and be making music with them.

The songs and activities in our lessons have centered around reviewing concepts that were labeled in Kindergarten. We have especially focused on the last term we learned last year – the “steady beat”. Throughout kindergarten, we did activities in which the students were being prepared to understand the steady beat, but it was not until the end of the year that the term was presented. Now we are doing a variety of chants and songs that the students already knew last year, but now able to find and label the steady beat within them with movement, sight, and even following on a beat chart. It is so cool to see their minds grasping the idea, and to see each student developing an internal sense of steady beat.

We are also reviewing the repertoire of songs that were established in Kindergarten, as well as expanding it, currently learning songs that are preparing them for the first two pitches they will learn this year. Here is a visual of one chant that we have used in a variety of ways to practice keeping the steady beat.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 14.06.58

I know we will have a great year together again as we continue to sharpen the concepts learned in Kinder and then push on towards new material!