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Design the 2015-2016 Science Sticker!

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It’s that time of year again… it’s the big question you’ve been asking yourself all year…. can you design a cool science sticker?  The winning design will be made into an official sticker and every BFIS science student will receive one to decorate their 2015-2016 science folder in September.

Stickers should:

  • be colourful/eye-catching/creative. 
  • be scientifically themed
  • You must include the text:
    – 2015-2016
  • Be approximately 10 cm in length and 10 cm in width in size.
  • Be designed on a computer and saved as a JPEG file. 

If you would like to design a sticker, we would love to see it. Please send your stickers (JEPG files please) to me, Mr Monaghan ( by the end of August 2015

BFIS October Cultural Trip Information

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The annual October (Colonias, Cultural, and CAS) trips for students will be here just a few weeks after we come back to school in September.  Please read the information below and reserve your space on October’s trip, by returning the form and securing the first installment of your payment.


Grades 6-8 (2015-16 School Year) Trip Information

Grades 9-10 (2015-16 School Year) Trip Information

G11-12 (2015-16 Year) CAS Trip Information

“Do you have Summer Reading?”

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Summer reading

As we know the summer is time for family travel and relaxation, we will not be requiring the completion of specific assignments for grades 6-9.  Instead, they received an email outlining their summer reading task in English class.


For your “Summer Reading Task” you must choose a book (fiction or non-fiction) to read over the summer break. The book can be your personal choice but must be approved by your teacher to ensure it is a worthwhile choice. You will be expected to give an oral presentation on your book when you return to school in September. You will need to be prepared to give a talk about three of the following:


(i) structure (ii) style (iii) narrative voice (iv) character (v) use of setting (vi) tone & atmosphere (vii) use of dialogue (viii) author’s purpose


You must have made your choice and had it approved before you leave for the summer break. You can discuss this with your English teacher.


Should you wish to read additional material in many subjects, or need help selecting a good book in your interest area, we have put together this

Summer Reading Recommendations List.


Students in grades 10 and 11 will have IB texts to read. 

Thanks for an excellent 2014-2015

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Congratulations to your students (and you) for completing another great year at BFIS.  We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to educate your children and we know that you have the choice of school they attend.  Thank you for placing your trust in us. 


We hope that you and your family enjoy this vacation time and are able to relax.  We look forward to seeing all of you again on September 1!