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It’s Summer!

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Dear Parents,

Summer is finally here!  The children have worked hard, and deserve a rest. 

But before long, we all know that the inevitable will happen – – you will hear your child say,

“What is there to do???” 

Well, here are some suggestions for activities to do with your future third grader.

  • read every day:  read to your child, and have your child read to you, his or her siblings, or to read to himself or herself.  In English and any other language!
  • write every day:  have your child write a summer journal of what they have experienced daily, write to each other in an interactive journal, inspire your child to write POETRY!
  • read the poetry of Amy Ludwig Van Derwater, Zoë Ryder White, Kristine O’Connell George and others.  Inspire your child to look at the world with poet’s eyes.
  • for more math practice, find the Common Core codes, and google loads of activities
  • above all, treasure the time you spend together!

Here are some online resources:

a.  Online games in math and reading:

b.  Work with reading  and reading fluency:  search for summer activities, and you will find, among other activities:

c.  Work with math fluency

d. Work with math word problems (rich tasks, when they genuinely inspire children to think and stretch their capabilities)

e.  Ideas for writing:

f.   Work with reading comprehension:

g.  Summer reading books/ suggested books

h.  free online books

The future third graders have worked very, very hard this year and it has been an honor working with them.

We thank all of you for all the support you have given your child, and also the support you have given us. Take care and have a wonderful summer!

The Second Grade Team

Fun Rainy Day for Nursery

Written by Elena Pons. Posted in ES PE

Nursery had fun driving around this cool circuit their cars, bikes, tricycles, etc. on a rainy day. They followed instructions from our great Police Officer Miss Shirley.

Please, take a look at the photos below.

Nursery 6

Nursery 3 Nursery 2

Nursery 4 Nursery 5 Nursery 1

FENCING – 4th Grade

Written by Elena Pons. Posted in ES PE

4th Graders had the wonderful chance to experience Fencing with two professional Instructors in the Pavelló de la Mar Bella. Our students were highly motivated to learn the basics of an unknown sport for most of them. Please find below some pictures of our P.E. Field Trip last May 15th.


f2  f4 f5f3f6 f7

End of the Year…

Written by AngieB. Posted in Nursery

It is hard to believe that we are already in June… and there are only 2 weeks of school left! Here are the important dates and events for this month:
  • Thursday June 11th at 3:00pm: End of the Year Party: Please talk to our room parent Ana to bring snacks and drinks. Thanks!
  • Friday June 12th at 8:35am: Portfolio Day: On portfolio day the students share some of the work that they have been doing throughout the school year. Please come to the classroom at 8:35 and your child will share with you all the beautiful work that he/she has made. At 9:00 you can leave the classroom and take the portfolio with you.
  • Wednesday June 17th: Water Day: On water day we spend the whole afternoon outdoors, in the playground, playing with water! We have some inflatable pools, fun water toys, water balloons, and many more things that will keep the children wet and entertained. It is such a fun day!
  • Thursday June 18th: Last day of school

The World language fair: another great student commitment to our community

Written by Nadine Gervais. Posted in Community Service

The World Languages department would like to thank all the parents and students who came at the annual World Languages Spring Fair for their support.  It was a pleasure to share and celebrate the academic achievements of our French and Spanish as Additional Language students within the BFIS community. From the department, we would like to acknowledge all the hard work our students put together to make WL Spring Fair 2014-2015 a big success.