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3rd Grade Architecture Project

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Yesterday we had our last meeting for the Our Cities project at  our own exhibition in CASA ORLANDAI, which will remain up until Sunday. We had a lot of fun despite the rain. We made a small THINK TANK with our thoughts & feelings about the whole program.  Another successful year of including architecture education as part of our art education curriculum at BFIS!



We love animals

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Elefantes, leones, gorilas, vacas, caballos, delfines… We are learning about animals! We are talking about the place where they live, their parts and what they can do. Every day, we have read a story related to this topic and we have shared some ideas. Our students had fun singing the song La vaca lechera and practicing the vocabulary. We are also practicing the writing: children started to write short words in Spanish and we are making connections between the sounds and the letters.


Our students react to the homeless kid issue.

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For the community service program our grade 8 students have developed wonderful projects on the topic of the homeless kids. They could choose to write a journal entry, to create a brochure about a new world that children rule, posters, photo montages, even choreography. Here,  I wish to share one of them with you today so that you can see by yourself how wonderful, creative and knowledgeable our children could be.

Street Kids Journal Entry

Thursday 19th March 2014,

This is my first and probably last entrance in this journal. I was lucky I and found a pen with almost no ink, and I can use it to write this. Today has been another one of those miserable days. I walked through the streets of Barcelona, and searched for anything useful in the trash cans. Then I sat on a box in one of the main streets of the city and begged for some money all afternoon. I barely got anything, but at least enough to buy a small packet of cookies, that could be my meal for the day. It couldn’t have been more miserable. I went to sleep in my usual spot, a small, street no one usually walked around. I miss the warmth of a bed and blanket. The nights are getting colder each time. I wish I had so many things, or at least what I had before…

I always see kids coming back from their school saying they’re tired of it. If only I was as fortunate as them. I wish I could do to school. It would be so much fun. But it is impossible, and I know it. There is nothing I can do now except from feeling sad and depressed. My life is miserable. I spend my days begging and wishing I  get something, and I ask to myself what can I do now? I know it is a very negative view of things, but there is nothing left for me, no matter how hopeful I am.

I’ve been very sick for a long time. I cough all the time, and it hurts me to breathe. I vomit almost every time I eat, and that isn’t too often. I have no medication, and terrible food. I think I can’t get better, and it is probably true. I’m losing my hope, together, I think with my life.

I had an idea when I found this pen, a spark of hope. After writing what I’ve written, I’ll put it in a mailbox, and with it, my last hope. To whoever reads this, I hope it raises awareness, to you and the ones around you. Altogether we can do something for this, even if I’m no longer there when it happens.   

by David VICO, grade 8


IB Students-A note from Mrs Makey

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Congratulations to the Grade 12 students (and teachers), who, this week, have completed all IB internal assessment requirements and are now counting down towards the IB exams in May. The time will fly and students will be on their post-exam holidays in no time at all.  My best wishes to each of the students for a successful exam period, great results and an adventurous start to the next part of their life journey.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with each and every one of them.

Mrs Makey.

Are you interested in Dutch Univeristy? You might be and you don’t even know it!!!

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Dutch Universities Information Session and Mini-Fair- Did you know that Holland offers over 2100 English-taught courses and programs at the university level?  Did you know that the average tuition for Dutch universities is only €1700 a year? Representatives from 9 of the 10 Dutch research universities will be visiting BFIS on Friday, April 17, 2015 to do a presentation on Dutch higher education and admissions.  Afterwards there will be a mini-university fair so students interested in going to Holland for university can learn more about each individual institution.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up here.  Parents and those outside of the BFIS community are welcome as long as they sign up in advance.

University Admissions Presentations Series-

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Ms. Chabrow will providing information sessions on other countries’ higher education systems and university application procedures to parents and students in this monthly series at 18:00 in the Library.

 The United Kingdom Universities series took place on March 24 and was well-received.  Still to come-European Universities (Tuesday, April 14), and United States Universities (Tuesday, May 12)

We will be posting all of the presentations soon!