Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Identity

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“The world’s nearly 7,000 languages are celebrated on International Mother Language Day, an event aimed at promoting linguistic diversity and multilingual education.”

February’s Social & Emotional Learning (S.E.L.) theme in the elementary school is Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Identity.  This is an opportunity for us to embrace our community’s diverse cultures and languages.  International Mother Language Day is February 21st. We will recognize this UNESCO event with a special project organized by the EAL Team. Students will have the opportunity to write a bilingual metaphor or simile depicting their vision of World Peace. 

To promote awareness and recognition of the diversity of languages in our community, we are inviting students to write a bilingual metaphor or simile describing what Peace means to them. The metaphor or simile should be written in both English and your child’s first language. All of the submitted entries will be published in the ES Library. One student per grade will be selected to share their metaphor or simile at our ES assembly on Friday, February 27th.

In order to participate, children must follow the attached guidelines.  Entries MUST be submitted to homeroom teachers on Tuesday, February 24th.

In addition, we have created a multilingual video that will be shown during the assembly and posted on the BFIS Blogs. Please note that your child may not appear in the video if they were absent from or late to school the day of the filming, or if the school does not have permission for your child to be filmed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any one of us. 

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy Semana Blanca!

Amy Truex, K/1 EAL Specialist                       

Keelin Swalve, 2/3 EAL Specialist

Julie Rainer, 4/5 EAL Specialist

Kathleen Watt, 4/5 EAL Specialist

Instructions for Bilingual Metaphor or Simile