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Poetry Unit

Written by PoonamP. Posted in 4th Grade

The fourth graders have started their unit, in a strong and enthusiastic manner. Students have started expressing and communicating their thoughts and feelings through poetry as a tool. They gather their ideas from personal experience, observations, reading and imagination. Students will be taught how to use figurative language like personification,idioms, simile and metaphor. They will learn to use sound devices, onomatopoeia, alliteration and poetry forms using a specific format like the diamante, limerick and haikus. Way to go young Poets!!!!!

Las comarcas de Cataluña. 4º Sociedad

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En Sociedad de 4º hemos empezado una nueva unidad: Las comarcas de Cataluña. Para facilitar el estudio las hemos dividido en comarcas de montaña, interior y costa. En clase explicamos el relieve, el clima,  la vegetación,  la actividad económica  y las situamos geográficamente en el mapa.  Durante las clases los niños verán vídeos y fotografías que les ayudarán a entender  mejor las explicaciones.

Si ustedes tienen la oportunidad de viajar por Catalunya en los próximos meses les sugerimos que compartan información con sus hijos sobre la comarca que van a visitar.  es una página que permite a los niños localiar las comarcas jugando.

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ISA Test-Get a Good Night Sleep!

Written by Paul Fulce. Posted in MS/HS Principal

ISA Testing

Our annual benchmark, the International Schools’ Assessment, will be taking place This week, on February 3 and 4.  The ISA is a high-quality assessment used by international schools to monitor student performance over time, and to confirm that their internal assessments are aligned with international expectations for performance.  BFIS has been using the ISA as a benchmark since 2008. 


Results of the ISA are reported in May, and include an individual report that will indicate the level at which your student is performing in mathematical literacy, reading and writing, as compared with other students at the same grade level in more than 300 international schools worldwide. 


No preparation is necessary, except to encourage your student to get a good night’s sleep and then eat a healthy breakfast on the mornings of testing.  Students will also need to bring a pencil, eraser and black pen on the testing days. There will be no make-ups for the test, so if your student is absent on either testing day, s/he will not participate in that portion of the ISA.  

Welcome to Semester 2!

Written by Paul Fulce. Posted in MS/HS Principal

February 2- As we begin Semester 2, please note that semester 1 grades, along with all course comments and notations will be updated this Friday, February 6.  Should you desire a printed copy of your student’s semester report, please email Martha Correa. 

Geography: Our World

Written by PoonamP. Posted in 4th Grade

The fourth graders have began their unit in geography. Students will learn about the continents and ocean, latitude and longitudes, and mapping skills. Students will be doing a project on the different biomes. The project will be also be in alliance with our reading and writing unit. Students will learning to gather and write notes for their Non-Fiction Research Projects. They will be reading non fiction and learn to navigate complex Non Fiction Text sets using critical analytical lenses.

Gymnastics a great sport to know our body better

Written by Elena Pons. Posted in ES PE

Elementary is working in many gymnastics skills which make a great conditioning  We are learning lots of things about our bodies so we can control it better and apply these basic skills to any other sport. By working most of our muscle groups, we develop upper body strength,  core body strength, flexibility, and balance.Very often physical activity focuses too much in our lower body strength and forgets about the upper body muscles. Gymnastics is a great way to exercise those important groups of muscles.

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