Student of the Week

Written by Laura Avendaño. Posted in 1st Grade

Dear parents,

This week the teachers, Ms. Erika and Ms. Laura have brought in their “Teacher of the Week” posters to share with our class.  Next week, Ms. Liz will be the”Teacher of the Week” for both classes.  This is in preparation for the “Student of the Week” .  Each week we will be choosing one of the children to be the” Student  of the Week”.  We will let you know  a week in advance so you can help them build a simple poster with pictures of them, their families and favorite things to do. They should bring it on Monday to present it to the class.

This is an important time for your child and an opportunity for us to get to know him/her better!

We will display the poster on the classroom door for everyone to enjoy!  You can use craft supplies, photos, markers, etc. to decorate the poster. (We will attach a Star Student print out that may be used for the poster, it is optional.) The following day, Tuesday, your child can bring in a special item that he/she can share with the class. Treats are optional, however, if your child would like to bring in a treat, please send it to school on that Thursday in the morning.

We hope to make your child´s week as special as possible!

Thank you,


The First Grade Team