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Grade 1 Storquilts

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In first grade we read the book Tar Beach by Faith Ringold.  We then created our own story quilts, telling a story about something we’ve done or would like to do in the future.  They then design patterns for their own paper quilt to frame their story!


Kinder Elephant Friends

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In Kindergarten art we are learning about elements of line, shape, color, and pattern and the concept of ‘ground lines’.  We read the book Elmer by David McKee, about an elephant who is different than the others, he is colorful rather than grey. One day, he decides to roll around in gray colored berries to make himself like the others, so they in turn paint themselves all different colors and patterns.  Student’s design and name their own elephant, as well as decide what it looks like where Elmer’s elephant friend lives.  They get quite creative with their names!Elephant 2 Elephant 3

Writing Workshop

Written by ErikaV. Posted in 1st Grade

During our Writing Workshop we have been establishing the necessary structures and routines for all students to succeed. All students have now a solid understanding of what it means to navigate our workshop with independence. This means that all students are ready to begin to take risks and to invest their thinking and energies in more challenging thinking tasks that will enable them to become stronger and independent writers!

We have just began our first Writing Workshop Unit!!!  During the next seven to eight weeks students will be diving deep into  the world of Personal Narratives. In First Grade we call them Personal Stories or Small Moments! In First Grade a Small Moment is a true even that already happened in your child´s life. For example, a sleep over, a birthday party, a visit to the doctor, etc…. Students will be invited to zoom in the moment and write a sequential story that includes a beginning, middle, and end.

Children will be encouraged to write about Small Moments that have happened in their lives. They will be invited to show their character’s actions, their dialogue, and their feelings. Throughout the unit children will produce lots and lots of small moment stories in the form of books and move with independence through the writing process. They will choose their ideas and will plan their writing by sketching stories across the pages of booklets. In addition, they will repeatedly share their story with others until the story feels just right. They will revise and add details to bring their stories to life. Children will have ample opportunities to share their stories with others, to revise their thinking and writing and to make choices about their books.

Because we value the idea that each child brings different understandings of how writing works we will be modifying our students’ writing goals depending on where each child is in the writing and language continua.
Most or all of your child’s written work will live in our classroom as students will use them to self reflect throughout the unit and throughout the year!
We are very much looking forward to reading all your child’s stories where they will be the main characters, the authors and the owners of their writing craft!

Grade 5 Math: Module 1 Place Value and Decimal Fractions

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Hello Families!

We are well underway with the first unit of our new math curriculum, Eureka Math.  With our growth mindset and amazing desire to learn combined, fifth graders are making huge strides in math already!

To give you a glimpse into what exactly we are studying, we have attached the Module 1 Tip Sheet for Parents.


Your Fifth Grade Teachers : )

Eureka Math Grade 5 Module 1 Parent Tip Sheet




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The Elementary School will be celebrating SPIRIT WEEK from October 27th to October 31st.

Monday, October 27
BFIS school color T-shirt Day
*ES Spirit t-shirts will be on sale in the ES patio starting Monday, October 2oth, 2014
HighR_vertical_blue blackground (1)

Tuesday, October 28:
Crazy Socks Day

Wednesday, October 29
 Crazy Hair Day


Thursday, October 30
Rainbow Day
Color assignments for each grade:
Nursery: PINK
Kindergarten: WHITE
First grade: GREEN
Second grade: ORANGE
Third grade: BLUE
Fourth grade: RED
Fifth grade: YELLOW

Friday, October 31
Black/Orange Day
Come wearing black and/or orange and in the afternoon change into Halloween costumes for the ES Halloween Parade at 3:00pm on the New ES Court.

Following Characters into Meaning

Written by JenniferG. Posted in 5th Grade

For this writing unit, students will study in a deeper way the characters they will encounter in their reading. By doing this work, readers will develop their skills of synthesis and inference. Students will be reading different kinds of fiction books with strong characters. We recommend that you ask your child about the books they are reading and their theories about the characters in the book.