Summer activities for future 3rd graders

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Dear Parents,

Summer is finally here!  The children have worked hard, and deserve a rest.  But before long, we all know that the inevitable will happen – – you will hear your child say, “What is there to do???”  Well, here are some suggestions for activities to do with your future third grader.

  • read every day:  read to your child, and have your child read to himself or herself.  In English and any other language!
  • write every day:  have your child write a summer journal of what they have experienced daily, write to each other in an interactive journal, inspire your child to write POETRY!
  • read the poetry of Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Zoê Ryder White, Kristine O’Connell George and others.  Inspire your child to look at the world with poet’s eyes.
  • tell your child word problems in order to practice mental math every day (and continue with Xtra math online to practice basic addition and subtraction facts within 20)
  • for more math practice, look over your child’s agenda, find the Common Core codes, and google loads of activities
  • above all, treasure the time you spend together!

Here are some online resources:

a.  Online games in math and reading:

b.  work with word problems

c.  ideas for writing:

d.   Work with reading comprehension:

e.  summer reading books/ suggested books

f.  free online books

We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching these second graders this year, and wish you all the best!

Take care and have a lovely summer!

The Second Grade Team