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We are going to the FARM!

Written by AngieB. Posted in Nursery

We have just started our new and final unit: THE FARM! And what better way to start it than visiting a real farm?

On Thursday both Nursery classes will be going on a field trip to the Sant Jordi farm in Rubí, very close to Barcelona. We will leave school at 9:00 and hop on a bus, visit the farm, eat a pic-nic there and come back at 3:00. We can’t wait!

farm bunnies farm horse

Homelink 30: Adding within 1000

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade


Dear Parents,


Let’s look at

Adding within 1000

In Second Grade we are now working on fluently adding and subtract within 1000, using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.  We can relate the strategy to a written method and understand that in adding or subtracting three- digit numbers, you can add or subtract hundreds and hundreds, tens and tens, ones and one.  We are also thinking about sometimes, it is necessary to compose or decompose tens or hundreds.

Our learning targets are:

  • I can use concrete models or drawings to show how to add within 1000 using a strategy based on place value (collecting the hundreds, tens, and ones, and when necessary, composing ten ones to make a ten or composing ten tens to make a hundred.)

Don’t forget to ask:

How do you know you’re right?


The Second Grade Team

Grade 5 Graffiti Tour!

Written by Tiffany Emerick. Posted in ES Art

5th grade art class went on a graffiti tour of Barcelona recently.  The students explored, sketched and discussed what they saw and learned first hand the differences between tagging, stenciling and wheat paste or stickering.  They also created temporary graffiti with chalk and ate lunch at Ciutadella park.  The trip was meant to inspire students ideas for a stencil that will be painted on the wall alongside the Elementary School in the coming weeks!



Graffit Blog 1Pez111Graffiti Blog 3222

Homelink 29: Mentally adding and subtracting 10 or 100

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade


Homelink 29                                     


Dear Parents,                           

Let’s look at  

This week we’re continuing to think about

Mentally adding and subtracting 10 or 100

In Second Grade, we are continuing to work on our mental fluency.  We are thinking about new strategies to help us fluently add and subtract mentally.   The strategies we worked on in this Homelink are designed to develop students’ conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction using models, drawings, properties of operations, and strategies based on place value.  At the same time, students relate these strategies to written methods such as arrow notation.   We hope this homelink provides students the opportunity to solidify their new skills.  They will work on a variety of problems, solve them, and then share their solution strategies.

Our learning targets is:

  • I can mentally add multiples of 10 to a given number from 100-900.
  • I can mentally subtract  multiples of 10 from a given number from 100-900.
  • I can mentally add  multiples of 100 to a given number 100-900.
  • I can mentally subtract  multiples of 100 from a given number from 100-900.


On the last pages of the Homelink, you will find the math concepts that we worked on this week.


The Second Grade Team

Invitation to the Science Fair

Written by JenniferG. Posted in 5th Grade

Dear Parents,

As you know the 5th graders have been working extremely hard on their Science Fair Projects.
We would like to invite the 5th grade parents to come and see all the amazing work they have done.
On Monday 26 the students will spend the morning giving presentations to three judges about their projects. In the afternoon, we would like you all to see the work they have done. The awards ceremony will take place at 3:30.

Where: Auditorium
When: Monday 26, 3.00-3.45

Look forward to seeing you all there!!!!

Semester 2 Exam Information-Schedule Attached

Written by Paul Fulce. Posted in MS/HS Principal


As you prepare for our Semester 2 exams, it is expected and extremely important that you read this notice and follow the instructions exactly.  While most of this information is the same as Semester 1 Exams, you are responsible for its contents and there will be NO allowance for ignorance of the expectations outlined here. (It is critical that 8th grade students read ALL of this new information, TWICE!)


First:  Report to your advisory each morning for attendance and announcements at the usual time of 8:45AM.

Location:  All of the tests (except those students receiving accommodation and previously notified) will be taken in the Auditorium.  You will be directed by the teachers overseeing the exams.

Time:  Exams begin Tuesday, June 10 and will run from June 10 to June 13.  Exam 1 takes place from 9:15a-10:45a. There will then be a break from 10:45a-11:00a.  Exam 2 takes place from 11:15a-12:45p.

Makeup exams and conflict exams will take place on Monday, June 16.  If you do not have a conflict or makeup exam, you are not required to come to school on Monday, June 16.


Behavior Expectations:

1.  Students should arrive 10 minutes before the start of the examination with all of their required materials (pens, pencils, calculators, etc.)

2.  The testing space and surrounding areas must be quiet and students MAY NOT TALK when gathering for, during seating, and when leaving the testing area.

3.  No outside materials will be allowed near your seat.  You will be allowed only testing materials.

4.  All mobile devices must be turned OFF and not on your person.  Any cell phone on your person will be confiscated and you will be assumed to be cheating.  You will receive a zero for your exam and disciplinary action will be taken.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

5.  Students are NOT to open or write on their test until they are told to do so.

6.  Read the directions carefully and completely when told to begin.

7.  No student may leave during the first hour or in the last 15 minutes of the exam time.  Students who arrive late within the first hour may be admitted but are not given additional time.
8.  Once you leave an exam, you are only allowed in the Library, the cafeteria, or on the patio area outside the lunchroom.

9.  During testing, you will be informed when there are 30 minutes remaining in the examination and when there are 5 minutes remaining.

10.  Bathroom breaks should be avoided, but if you must leave, a staff member will accompany you and you will not receive any additional time.
11.  Other than requests to use the restroom, teachers will NOT answer questions during the test.
12.  All materials will be collected before students are allowed to leave the testing area.  All paper used by a student will be attached to their exam paper.
13.  Once you have completed your exam(s) for the day, please go home and study for your remaining exams.  (The exception to this is Friday, June 13th for 8th grade students.  On Friday, 8th grade students are required to meet at the auditorium at 1PM for a “Moving On Ceremony” rehearsal.


Should you have any questions, please see Mr. Fulce or Mr. Preston


Semester 2 Exam Schedule