Preston English 8 Instructions for Week Beginning April 7th thru Semana Santa

Written by Nick Preston. Posted in Grade8, MS Coordinator, Student Info

1.  Be sure to use this guide to help you review for the final test on To Kill a Mockingbird to be held on Friday, April 11th.  Final Test Guide

2.  You will need to complete Editorial 6, “Who is the Mockingbird?”  Here is a planning guide to help you.  Editorial graphic organizer

3. You will need to complete Editorial 5 (IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY), “Halloween Night” Editorial graphic organizer

4.  You will need to submit a complete booklet with ALL of your editorials, 1-6 by Thursday, April 24th.  The booklet should be bound, have CLEAN copies of all the editorials, and have a culturally appropriate title/cover page (the title of your newspaper?).  Ask Mr. Preston if you need more details, beyond what he gives you in class.

5. Remember that you should have turned in Spelling 21, Reading Check 27-31, and the TKAM project that were all due last week.  In order to receive some credit, these MUST be submitted by Friday, April 11th.