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Social Studies – Ancient Egypt

Written by Laura Avendaño. Posted in 1st Grade

We have introduced our Ancient Egypt unit by taking an airplane ride to the African country of Egypt. Students got  an overview of what they will be learning over the next few weeks and they are very excited!

By the end of the unit, students will be able to locate Spain, Egypt and Africa on a map or globe. They will also be able to identify the Nile River as being the longest river in the world.  Students will be able to identify and describe the three annual seasons of the Ancient Egyptian people. They will be able to compare and contrast Ancient Egypt to contemporary Egypt. 

During this unit we will be taking a fun field trip, learning to write using hieroglyphics and creating replicas of Ancient Egyptian artifacts.


Math – Numbers and Operations

Written by KatiaF. Posted in 1st Grade

Welcome back from the vacation!

We hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful winter break and that you recharged your batteries 🙂

Here is the math program for the beginning of the year 2014: We  will start a new unit called Numbers and Operations.

Additionally, we will be working on problem solving and math facts on a weekly basis.

During this unit we will learn how to: write, say and sequence numbers 1 through 120.

We will understand that place value means that numbers are made up of tens and ones.

Students will demonstrates how to add two digit numbers by using place value.


Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have!

Welcome new families!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in ES Principal

photo (8)As the new year gets underway, I wanted to take a moment to welcome all of the families who have joined the BFIS community this week.  We had the great fortune of being able to greet the newest members of our community this past Wednesday and help get their BFIS experience off to a great start.  While it is always difficult to see families depart, the arrival of newcomers brings a fresh energy and new perspectives that are so valuable to the vitality of our community.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful winter vacation and look forward to sharing an outstanding 2014 together!



The Tree of Wishes

Written by Maria Angeles Salvat. Posted in SAL

In Spanish classes we have worked on the structure and grammar of this language. Nevertheless, given the special dates in which we were in (close to winter holidays,) we decided that it was an ideal moment to work on values. We put into use these values by practicing verb conjugations. Each student had to come up with his or her wishes that had to be directed towards others – always in a solidarity-like manner. The students from Projecte21 did the same assignment and then we all shared our wishes out loud. After that,  the joint celebration continued when the students hung the wishes on a tree. Then, suddenly, Santa Claus appeared and gave them candles to take home to keep the light from their good-spirited wishes shining. The kids learned that if each of them shined bright, they could also make others happier.