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Celebrations around the world

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in ES CSCS, Spanish-Catalan Studies

During the last weeks we were studying how people celebrate this special time of the year in different countries. We have learned about Christmas in Holland, Poland, Germany, Russia, Spain… We also have spoken about the Diwali celebration in India and how the Jewish community  celebrate Hanukkah. Our students were very proud of sharing with us their traditions.

Related to Spain, students have learned about food and drinks that we usually eat during this time. The last day, we organized a little party so students could taste turrones (nougat candy) , neulas (a type of Catalan biscuit), mazapán (marzipan), polvorones (almond cookies) and mantecados (a variety of Spanish shortbreads).

Enjoy the picture and take the opportunity to discover some of these seasonal delicatessen.

Happy Holidays from Ms.Núria and Ms.María!



Suggestions for holiday activities (2)

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Suggestions for holiday activities (2)


Dear Parents,


These weeks off are a time for rest and play!  But if you would like some ideas for helping your child with literacy, here are some links with great online activities and games for your perusal.  The list is long, and please remember these are just suggestions!


These websites have loads of fun activities, in reading and in math:


For online reading:  over 42, 000 classic books, free, online!  For all ages  250 free books online, for kids of all ages many free books for kids online  a number of free online stories for children requires subscription.  Please ask Emma and Valerie for your child’s reading level to know which books to read.


Vocabulary: for all ages!  For each correct answer, the website donates 10 grams of rice to the World Hunger Programme.  Note:  this website is addicting!


Writing: ideas for a holiday writing journal December writing journal prompts


For practicing high frequency words (sight words):


Create your own crossword puzzles!


Create your own handwriting practice worksheets:

For other language arts activities:   (Mad Libs!)


Above all, remember to treasure the time spent with your child!

Warm wishes from the Second Grade Team!!



Holiday homework idea (1) Online math games

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Dear Parents,

Here is the first of two  holiday homework posts!

Looking for something to do with your child?  Here’s a suggestion. How about some math practice?  As you play the games listed below, please remember to ask your child to explain his or her thinking.  You can ask: can you show me your answer in words, numbers, and with a picture?   How did you get the answer?  Are there any other ways of getting the answer?  How do you know you are right?

Here are all the links we’ve used so far in our homelink activities:

Second Grade Online Math Games 2013 – 2014

(September – December)


Play the game  Base Ten Blocks

Play the game  Base Ten Blocks

Play the game  Place Value:  Show Expanded Numbers!

I Like…numbers to 25

Numbers on the Ten Frame

Play Odd & Even Interactive Games


Let’s Play Base Ten Bingo

3 Ways of Expanded Form

Expanded Form with 3 –digits

Compare Numbers Game – Level I

Compare Numbers

Skip Counting by 10s to 300

Skip Counting by 5s to 100

Skip Counting by 100s

Skip Counting Backwards by 5

Skip Counting Backwards by 10

Fairies in the Fog

Help the fairies find the butterfly with the hidden number counting by 10s

Help the fairies find the butterfly with the hidden number counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 100s


Written by Núria Araguas. Posted in ES CSCS, SAL

Learning the nuances between the past tenses in Spanish may be a challenging task. When should I use indefinido? When do I use an imperfecto? Students get confused when advancing in their Spanish skills and studying those more abstract concepts.

imperfecto indefinido

That’s why we have devoted our last unit to explore and contextualize both tenses. First, students took a glance at Ms. Núria’s biography by ordering a jigsaw reading. They took that text as a model to, later on, write and explain about their own lives. We kept on analyzing both tenses, discriminating indefinido forms from imperfecto forms, drilling with the tenses and structuring the different conjugations. Once they have written about their lives using both tenses according to context, they were ready for the next level.

Camera 360

Paperman is an animated silent short film by Disney, which explains a very nice story. We watched it and then our students had to write the plot and record it, giving voice to a narrator and the characters. They used imperfectos to describe the characters, the setting… and then indefinidos, to speak about the actions. The results were amazing, since they were very engaged. Here you can find some examples. Enjoy!