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Kindergarten Publishing Party!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal, Kindergarten

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of attending the publishing party hosted by our Kindergarten team.  The celebration was the culmination of weeks of effort and hard work in the area of writing and we were really fortunate to have an incredible turn out from our parent community.

photo (1)Often times, one of the questions I am asked is how we work on writing with children who are not yet able to write words or sentences.  The answer is that we expand have to expand our perspective on what actually constitutes a good piece of writing.  Beyond the mechanics and letter-sound relationships are the more sophisticated concepts of developing strong ideas, adding details and linking ideas in a logical or sequential fashion.  It is these core concepts of effective communication that we seek to develop at the outset because these skills create the foundation for future success when sharing ideas, whether it is through writing or orally.

When looking at the work of the Kindergarten students yesterday, it did not matter whether a child had developed the ability to write words or sentences in a conventional fashion.  Each one of them had picked up key ideas about communication and the writing process through the creation of their stories.  Each story had a specific title, which indicated the main idea.  The majority of the drawings had multiple details, similar to the way an older author might describe a scene in writing.  Many children added speech bubbles or drew specific symbols to express further information (for example, one child drew a light bulb on top of a character’s head and subsequently shared orally that this symbol represented the character getting an idea at that moment in the story).  Additionally, the children made a distinct effort for the drawings to unfold in a logical sequence with a start and finish.  By providing an opportunity for the children to explore and develop the larger concepts behind writing, the teachers did an incredible job of ensuring that each child experienced success and of equal importance are establishing a foundation for the future.  The physical act of writing comes with time developmentally but the ideas and concepts are areas that our young thinkers and communicators are already capable of showing.

TCRWPAs an elementary school, we have launched into a school wide effort to refine our instructional practices in the area of writing.  Guided by the methodology stemming from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Projectwe began in August with three consecutive days of professional development from Stephanie Parsons, a well-known leader in the area of literacy development, that was funded by the BFIS Annual Fund.  The benefits of this strategic and focused professional development have been evident throughout the elementary school with teachers sharing significant improvements in student engagement and the overall quality of writing.

Learning in context: daily routines, giving directions and times.

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Camera 360

In Ms. Nuria’s class we have been exploring different places in a city. We had a glance at related vocabulary and watched a short timelapse clip about Barcelona. We learned how to give directions and express location. Once students have acquired these structures, we used a real map of the city of Barcelona to “hide” a treasure. We wrote down the directions for a treasure hunt. Later on, we practiced with the imperative tense by giving commands with motion. We also acquired new vocabulary related to the household and sketched a plan of our houses.

We continued practicing the present tense for all the different conjugations (-ar, -er, -ir), the reflexive verbs and the times when elaborating the script to record a video about our daily routines.


Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in ES CSCS, SAL

These days, students are learning everything related to school: objects, subjects, people who work at school… Also, we have introduced some regular verbs related to this topic, and they are practising the conjugations through different games. Students have learned about some infinitive verbs that in spanish finish with -ar, -er, -ir.

In the next days, they are going to write simple sentences, a brief description about their school, and they will start reading simple books to practise the pronunciation and vocabulary that they have studied.



Interesting Webpages for the Little Ones

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preschool clipart


 The “ABCs” section
Click on Starfall to learn letter names and sounds:


Click on the letters to watch a video:


Aa  Bb  Cc  Dd  Ee Ff  Gg Hh

  Ii  Jj Kk  Ll  Mm  Nn Oo Pp  Qq

  Rr Ss  Tt  Uu  Vv Ww  Xx  Yy  Zz

ABC’s Songs:

Alphabet Read Along

ABC Song

Everybody Sing the Alphabet with Me

Letter Sounds Songs:

The Letter Sound Song

ABC Phonics Chant



Join Leap, Lily and Tad as they journey to the word factory in:  

Leapfrog Letter Factory

Games with sound that teach shapes, colors, letters, numbers and keyboarding: Literacy Center


Crawford the Cat is a fun and engaging character that stars in educational health and social skills videos for preschool, kindergarten and first grade students. 

Here come the most amazing stories:

It’s never too early to start little ones on healthful eating habits. Ask Nina and Jeff, two energetic mini-monsters who live in a garden full of wonderfully nutritious goodies.  In To The Garden, these adorable little fiends cultivate a love of fruits and vegetables through fun-filled songs, rhymes and quizzes. 


Try this cool link :


Wow – this is fun! Jackson Pollock was an American abstract impressionist artist known best for his “splatter” paintings, where layers of colors were splashed onto huge canvas panels. This delightful website allows you to experience Pollock’s style on the platform of the internet. Click the link and enjoy with your children!

Sing with your child at home:


The Elephant Song

This is a Cat!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Row Row Row Your Boat

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Five Little Monkeys!

1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Down On Grandpa’s Farm


smiley faceDo the Global Hand-washing Dance!!! smiley face

Feeling like a monster? Colbie Caillat and Common recommend a calming breath – Belly Breathe – Song


And you can find many more songs here!


Nursery – Gymnastics in Physical Education

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Our Nursery classes have done an excellent work in PE while learning how to do a somersault, a sausage roll, and how to walk with their hands.  For this purpose we used our gymnastics mats, which facilitate body control and body awareness. Both classes are super enthusiastic, good listeners, and very importantly,  are eager to learn.

carretilla  carretilla2