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Escrivim en català

Written by Carmela Gil. Posted in ES CSCS

A les classes de la Ms.Jefa i de la Ms.Carmela, a més d’aprendre algunes normes ortogràfiques i gramaticals, hem estat utilitzant el nou vocabulari que anem incorporant de mica en mica en la creació de diferents tipus de textos curts. Hem dissenyat invitacions per festes, hem inventat diàlegs, hem escrit la descripció d’una persona i hem creat un conte breu, tot fixant-nos en les diferents parts que ha de contenir.  Durant les properes classes, continuarem treballant sobre el que ja hem après i començarem a escriure la descripció d’un animal.

invitació d'aniversari

***IB Stress Relief Lock-in UPDATE***

Written by Paul Fulce. Posted in MS/HS Principal

From the High School Student Council:

We apologize, but the IB lock-in has been postponed until further notice.  When we were organizing the date for the event, we were thinking to time it right before IB Study Leave to relieve any stress before the exams. We did not take into consideration the number of students that would be participating in the Barcelona MUN and those who might be celebrating Thanksgiving with their families. Since it is intended to be a fun, social event, we want everyone to be able to come.  This is why we are going to postpone it to a later date.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kristen & Mariana & Grace

T-Shirts are here!

Written by Rachel Lefton. Posted in ES Counselor

front of t-shirtback of t-shirtOur shipment of the ES t-shirts have finally arrived! We have all children’s sizes available, including extra small and small (perfect for the little ones)! Your student will be able to wear their ES t-shirt at the next all school assembly to help us show school spirit and community!

If you would like a shirt for you or your student, please email Rachel Lefton (  with: your student’s name, grade, and what size shirt you need. Please indicate if you would like the 10 Euros added to your school account or if you would like to pay directly to the business office. Once received, the shirt will be delivered directly to your student.  Please email Rachel L. if you have any questions. 

Homelink 9: understanding place value

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Dear Parents,

This week we’re thinking about

Understanding Place Value

Students understand that ones, tens, and hundreds can be taken apart in different ways. Students see that 149 is 1 hundred, 4 tens and 9 ones.  It is also 14 tens and 9 ones. Composition and decomposition of number are foundational skills for computation.

Our learning targets are:

  • I can represent a hundred as ten groups of ten.
  • I can represent each digit in a three-digit number using hundreds, tens, and ones.
  • I can explain the value of each digit in a three-digit number (place value).
  • I can explain the value of the zeros in a given hundred as zero tens and zero ones.
  • I can show that same number another way
  • (36 = 3 tens and 6 ones and 36 = 2 tens and 16 ones)

Our new question for our Second Grade Homelink is:

How do you know you’re right?


No online links for this week’s homework, but check out these place value  and number recognition online games if you have some extra time:  (last week’s game)



Preston English 8: Homework Due Friday 30 November

Written by Nick Preston. Posted in Grade8, MS Coordinator, Student Info

For homework this week, you will complete the following assignments, please:

spelling 9

Grammar: End Marks

You will also continue on your persuasive essay.  Please watch the following 5-minute video to help you refine your evidence and support.

ON FRIDAY, your essay is due back into me and it MUST include revised evidence to support your argument, including:
1) A fact
2) A statistic
3) An anecdote
4) An expert quote
All written next to the relevant paragraph that it supports WITH THE SOURCE


Food Drive sponsored by 12th Graders

Written by admin. Posted in Administration

jsgavinaA group of 12th graders will be running a food drive throughout the week to collect donations to present as a gift.  The items will be given to Fundació Centre Obert Joan Salvador Gavina, a community center in the Raval that provides services for many families in need.

The suggested donation for elementary families are packs of turrones.  Items may be dropped off in the marked boxes in your child’s classroom.

Thank you in advance for your support of this student initiative.   For more information click here.