Google Docs / Drive and your Blog

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Have you ever shared a document, then having to update it, and then having to re-share the updated version? Or have you ever wanted to share a whole set of pictures? Then please take a look at the Google Drive video below.

Simply add the ‘folder share link’ to your (protected) blog post to share a slide show of all the pictures in that folder… you can even add more pictures to the folder later.

Or share homework documents with your students, by simply adding the link to your blog post. There is no need to upload these things to your blog, its much simpler to manage your documents via Google Drive.


  • Share a file or folders of files, with specific people or with anybody that has the link in 3 clicks.
  • Accessible via any device, or automatically delivered to the hard drive of the people you share with.
  • Easy document or folder upload, or even automatic folder synchronization via your hardrive.
  • Share the link via your blog post once, and know it will always be pointing to the latest files.
  • Revisions one click away (if you wondered what changed or who made the change)
  • Automatic PDF creation (if ever needed)

So when and how do files get updated or synced ?


How to add a link on your blog post to the shared file or folder ? EASY ! Just like you do in email or word – click here .


You can even embed your Google documents right into your blog post.

  •  Read more about that here 
  • When copying the code that is explained in the link above, note that you will need to copy that code when the editor (the window that you are writing your blog post in) is on the “text” tab instead of the “Visual”
  • After you copied the code you can set it back to visual and you will see a Yellow block that will host you window to your Google Doc. If this window is a bit to small for your Google Doc then you can switch to “text” again and change the width and height of the window in which your Google Doc is displayed. Hint a good size might be 700 wide and about the same for height.




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