Bonjour Grade 3!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in 3rd Grade, Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal

morning meeting 1Throughout the month I have been visiting the different elementary classrooms to join their Morning Meetings.  As many of you already know, last year we made a huge effort from Kindergarten to 5th grade to establish Morning Meetings as an ongoing, consistent part of our day.

Morning Meetings consist of a handful of specific components that help establish a consistent and supportive classroom environment.   My favorite part of these meetings is the greeting, when classmates take the time to make eye contact and greet each other by name.  Often times teachers will vary the type of greeting (handshake, high-five, pinky shake, etc.) but the emphasis is always about making sure each child feels acknowledged and included in the classroom community.

Yesterday, I had the chance to visit Ms. Shena’s class.  Like many teachers, she has already started to incorporate the students’ home languages into the morning greetings, which helps value and celebrate the linguistic diversity we have at BFIS.  On this day we decided to greet each other in French and off we went with handshakes and “bonjours” to start our day!



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