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Comunidades autónomas del norte de España

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Estas últimas semanas en la clase de sociedad, hemos estado trabajando las comunidades autónomas del norte de España. En clase hemos visto imágenes de Galicia, hemos conocido a personajes de Asturias, monumentos de Cantabria y el País Vasco , la gastronomía de la Rioja,  y las tradiciones de Navarra. De cada una de ellas completamos unas fichas con diferente información.

Esta semana para comprobar todo lo aprendido, hemos realizado un proyecto. En un folio A3  donde estaban dibujadas las seis comunidades del norte, debiamos pegar diferentes imágenes en la comunidad a la que pertenecían. Las imágenes eran muy variadas.  Los proyectos han quedado muy bien y ha sido una manera creativa de repasar los contenidos trabajados.


Spanish time in 1st Grade

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In Ms.Maria’s  class we started the year reviewing the colours, the alphabet and family members. We are now learning about food: what I like for breakfast, for lunch,  for dinner…

Also, during this week, we are working on vocabulary related to Halloween; students have coloured beautiful owls to decorate our classroom. They are developing vocabulary through story telling, games and simple writing activities.



Happy Halloween From ES Art!

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In each grade we’ve been busy creating art with a Halloween theme.  In Kindergarten we created shape monsters, Grade 1 made paper roll monsters, Grade 2 made Halloween night silhouette’s and Grades 3-5 created Ink Monsters, a few of which the PTA made into posters to advertise the Halloween party! Check out our inspiration for the Ink Monster project here: Http://


Homelink 5: numbers on the ten frame

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Dear Parents,



This week we’re thinking about ten frames!

Showing Numbers on the Ten Frame

In class we are working on fluently adding and subtracting within 20 using mental strategies. By end of Grade 2, students should be able to know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.  Our learning targets are:

  • I can use mental strategies (e.g., count on, make a ten) to add or subtract numbers within 20 with ease.
  • I can recall from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.

As your child works on each activity this week, don’t forget that the most important practice is explaining!

Get ready to explain your thinking and your math strategies!

***You will need counters and the double ten-frame for some of your activities this week.  Find your double ten-frame on the last page of the homework!***

Here’s the link for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s online game:

Homework can be found in dark blue homework folder.

What’s Happening in 3rd Grade?

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We are very excited that students are finishing up their Personal Narratives in Writing Workshop.  This is our first published piece from the new Units of Study program the ES is implementing this year.  Students have been choosing their small moment, zooming in on it, and adding lots of sensory words to make their mental movies come alive!

In Math, we have been working on addition strategies.  The students have come up with many different strategies such as drawing a picture, using base ten blocks models, using tree diagrams, breaking the addends into expanded form, and adding from left to right.  Click on this link if you would like to see examples of what these strategies look like: Addition Strategies for Blog.  The “traditional” method using “carrying” hasn’t been directly taught, as we want to make sure students have a visual representation in their heads before teaching them the traditional algorithm.  Other topics we are working on are rounding to the tens and hundreds place using base ten blocks or number lines.  Next up will be…subtraction!

They have been learning about the skeletal system in Science. The students are finishing up their life-size skeletons made from their own tracings, drawing in all their bones using resources such as books and models.  The next system we will focus on is the digestive system.

That’s a brief wrap up of some of the topics we are currently covering.

We also want to say a heart-felt thank you!” to all the parents who volunteered and help make our Halloween party and celebration a success!  THANK YOU!