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Portfolio Day in the ES!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in ES Principal

This week we held our first ever Portfolio Day celebrations in the ES. We were delighted to have such an incredible turnout from our parent community, which really helped set the stage for an outstanding event. It was amazing to see children take such pride and satisfaction in explaining all that they have learned and how much they have grown throughout the year. In our early childhood classrooms, teachers worked hard to lay the foundation for future years by creating the environment for children to show off their portfolios to parents. With our older students, the level and expectation of self-reflection naturally increased with the aim of helping children think metacognitively about their learning and take greater ownership over the process.

As an elementary faculty we decided to implement portfolios school wide after doing a book study of several chapters from Mindset, by Dr. Carol Dweck. This book touches upon an expanding body of research related to how an individual’s mindset either promotes or impedes the likelihood of long-term growth and success. One of the key concepts from the text that we sought to apply in our work with students is the importance of helping children recognize that talent and ability in all areas can be developed and improved through practice and hard work. We want to dispel the false notion that people are born with or without specific talents and instead empower children with the understanding that each person has the opportunity to tap into unlimited potential.

I would like to say thank you the elementary faculty for their immense work and commitment throughout the year in order to make this day a resounding success. Additionally, this day would not have been the same without the support of our incredible parent community who demonstrated once again what it means to have a true partnership between school and home.