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A Successful Career day!

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A big thank you goes to all of the speakers who shared their stories, time and advice with students in grades 9, 10 and 11 this morning. We had a great range of professionals, some of whom have known what they wanted to do since 13 years old, others who have taken many different routes to the successful and satisfying careers they are in now.

The morning started with a fascinating introduction from Hanoch Piven,  a world renowned illustrator, who shared his insights on living a creative life. Using examples from his own career journey, he encouraged the students to continue seeking out a career they love despite the road blocks that come in our way, because you never know whether the road block is actually the career changing opportunity you really needed. If you’d like to see a similar version of his talk, he has a TEDx talk along the theme of what he’s learnt from 20 years of working with bananas.

We then had 5 panels: international relations, finance and economics; business management and entrepreneurship; medicine and health; fine arts, marketing and design; science, research and technology.

Thank you again to the speakers and facilitators. So many students have commented on how useful they found the sessions, it was certainly a morning well spent. Personally speaking, we all need times like this to think and reflect on our careers and where we want to be heading.

3 secrets of successful grads from the co-founder of LinkedIn

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I wanted to share a presentation from Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn. He has some valuable advice that’s very relevant to high school graduates as well as college graduates. He outlines the three top tips for highly successful graduates:

Competition – you are only as good at the person you’re competing against. In following our dreams, but must also look at who else is competing for the same dream.

Networks – behind every graduate job is a person. The networks we build help us connect with employers and open up new job opportunities.

Risk – taking a calculated risk is inevitable. If we don’t take a risk, we risk failing.

Watch the whole presentation here! 

An interview with a CEO who didn’t major in Business

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I would like to share a rare interview with the CEO of Epic Systems.

Judy Faulkner is a self made billionaire who is the CEO of one of the largest health care computer systems in the US, and interestingly she didn’t take one of the well trodden routes to becoming the top dog. She didn’t take a graduate fast track scheme and then an MBA, or the route made popular with the likes of Jobs and Zuckerberg of dropping out of college to capitalise on a business opportunity. She studied undergraduate Mathematics and then did a master in Computer Science. She then didn’t work for anyone else but herself. She wrote the code for their health care databases and got the whole company off the ground herself. I take my hat off to you.

Enjoy reading her story here!

Your online life is as permanent as a tattoo

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When you’re applying to college, I recommend you take a a good look at your online life – is this how you would like your future university to see you? Then be careful what you post. Our Explainers have done a great job at updating their online life to include interesting and academic posts that will be available online for many years to come.

Here is a really interesting TED talk by Juan Enriquez about how your online life is as permanent as a tattoo!

How to think about digital tattoos

An interesting way to compare US Colleges

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I’d like to share an article I read by Forbes recently on how to compare the value of a four year undergraduate college degree in the US… by comparing their Grateful Grads Index.

Forbes found information from private four year US colleges on the median donations they received from their alumni, on the assumption that the more money alumni give, the more wealthy they are and the more grateful they are for their college education. There are the expected contenders at the top like Harvard and MIT, but there is also a number of small liberal arts colleges too.

For those trying to decide what colleges to start researching, this could be an interesting element to include in your research.

Last Weekend At the Museum Floor

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This is my time to say good-bye, but also to remember the good times I spent in Cosmo Caixa.

Why would you recommend the Explainer program to another student?  How has the experience impacted your science learning at school?

This program was amazing! I would definitely recommend this program to another student. I would recommend this program to another student because you can interact with science and spend time at the museum every weekend. One of the biggest reason that I would suggest this program is the fact that you are able to experience a job or a working life. You will know what it feels like to commit to a job, and adjust to it. As well its a great interaction program were you get to learn about people’s stories and amaze people with your facts.

This experience has impacted my science learning at school because it was more interactive. I was able to experience and watch all the theories and lessons learned in class. I was also able to learn on my own and discover for myself.

With this I would like to say good-bye, and hopefully ill see you next year. 🙂