How to reserve stuff using Google Calendars

Written by Alejandro Minotti. Posted in Technology

Before reading this post, make sure you already have added the appropiate calendar for reserving the correct stuff.  Adding BFIS Calendars

We have  some calendars to reserve stuff and facilities:

  • Projectors
  • Computer Lab
  • Laptops cart
  • Facilities like Middle High School Patio, Elementary School Cafeteria
  • (Take a look Adding BFIS Calendars to see what else we have available for you)

Let’s begin getting access to our BFIS Calendar.

    1. Login into your BFIS Calendar Account:
      If you already logged into your email account, follow the image below and clic on Calendar Section.


    1.  Once into Calendar section, clic on CREATE.

      The image below describe exactly what we see at this point.


    1. Into the first field let’s type a name that describe what you event is about.
    2. Very important field, Dates. It must be filled up before continue.
      When we want to reserve some stuff, google calendar will filter and show you all available items at the time you choose , so please be sure to specify date before next step.
    3. At the right side you will see a box with Guests and Rooms options:
      Clic on Rooms:


  1. You will see only items available on dates you choose, if you don’t find what you need, you should choose another dates.
  2. When you have found your item, you have to clic on Add link in order to reseve that stuff on that dates.
  3. Save and close, you’re done.

Note: It will create two events, one in your calendar and another one in the calendar of the stuff you request.

Any time you want to delete any event, you just need to delete your own event from your calendar and it will automatically delete the event shared on the other calendar.