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Deadline for questionnaires is this Thursday

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We will be meeting this Thursday with all the grade 11 students in the library at 1.20pm. We will be collecting the College Counseling questionnaires and sharing some useful hints and tips on how to continue researching your career options.

We’re a big fan of the resources available online to help students research what courses they’ll be interested in, such as the big futures website at Choosing a course


Ms. Cox

College Night documents now available to download

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The most important information from College Night is now available to download from the BFIS website at

This highlights important dates for grade 10, 11 and 12 students, and provides the links to the College Counseling Questionnaire and the list of grade 11 workshops.

Many thanks,
Ms. Cox

The Scary Concept of Sub-Atomic Particles and Professionals at the Museum

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Hello Universe,

Yesterday was my first day in Physics area 2, wave phenomena. I have to explain how sound waves work, the photosphere, and a spark chamber. The exhibits are really spread apart, but I gave it a try going back and forth between them, but I ended up staying by the spark chamber most of the time because it lacked good explanation. At one point, a little boy came up and started watching all of the different sparks in the chamber. When I offered to explain it to him and he ran away behind his mother. She came up and asked for an explanation. As I talked to her, he shyly came up from behind her and continued to watch the different sparks. When I told him he was watching bits of cosmic rays, he gave me the most serious and horrified face in the world, and ran in the opposite direction. The mother looked at me in all seriousness and told me that I’d scared him, and went off in the other direction! I couldn’t believe it!

Later on, I had a chemical engineer that I talked to for quite a while educate me on what the different particles in the spark chamber were, for example, I had no clue that muons were so similar to electrons, fitting in the same category of leptons! It was really fascinating to get his point of view on what he thought was interesting about the exhibit and hearing a bit more about what I was presenting.

Then, I happened to bump into a Physicist designing a museum in Brazil who mentioned that each of the exhibits should have more explanation, like the Explainer’s Programme in the Exploratorium in San Francisco. I finally found someone that kew about the programme, but it also showed that we definitely need more advertising as to who we are and what we do, or we just look like random overseers in the museum. He also gave me some information on some of the other Physics sections, including information that was not on any of the panels on the walls.

Finally, about 30 minutes to the end of my shift, after having explained the spark chamber to another visitor, he told me that he was a Pharmacist with a deep interest in Particle Physics and chemistry! It turns out he also had a lot of information to share and a lot to discuss… I felt so lucky having met so many professionals at the museum yesterday, especially since it was my first day! Well, at least not I will be a bit more experienced when talking to the other customers next week.

‘Till next time!


Another explainable exhibit

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Hello everyone,


As an Explainer I would like to briefly explain how my last weekend in CosmoCaixa went. I continued explaining my exhibits and have adopted other exhibits, now I can correctly and with confidence explain more than 10 of the exhibits that are in close proximity to my assigned ones. This makes being an Explainer much more interesting due to the larger range of questions and interactions. From these new exhibits, I learned how to explain an exhibit in which I wanted to understand since the first day, the rotating chair. Luckily a physicist named Peter gave me a thorough explanation about the exhibit and now I am comfortable explaining it. I am glad that I met Peter and I thank him for his explanation. Also, as always I thank BFIS and CosmoCaixa for a unique experience.


Fair winds,

Lucas Caetano.

Week 4 of explaining

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Week for was not all that interesting. I worked both mornings and on saturday morning it was absolutely empty. Then on sunday morning it was a barça game so therefore absolutely empty again. I am very glad we are changing because I am very exited to explore some more and experience more. I felt my site was getting repetitive. But don’t get me wrong I love my site and I will certainly miss it. Specially the astronomy site. That was my absolute favorite and it going to be hard for me to change my mind. So this is my fare goodbye to the physics unit. And hello math!

Gabriel Antoni

Week 3 of explaining

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This has been my favorite week so far. I worked all day sunday. Cosmo Caixa has a policy that the first sunday of the month is free. So, it was crowded. But I had so much fun. This day in particular the children were enthusiastic with my explaining I felt really good about myself. Kids came asking for questions and explanations, you could see that they were having the time of their life! But not only the kids were enthusiastic that day the adults were too. I had a woman explain me the whole phenomena with a bridge acting like a transversal wave, just like “la cuerda de violin.” (the site I explain)

Gabriel Antoni