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Thanks for a great year!

Written by edpta. Posted in frontpage

Thanks for a great year!

The PTA would like to say “Thanks!” for an amazing year.

Thanks to the teachers who have volunteered at our events, shared their classrooms for Halloween, and lent us their students to carry our supplies across campus.

Thanks to the administrators who have taken the time to meet with the PTA and room parents every month, so we can build a collaborative, transparent relationship.

Thanks to the BFIS staff, for helping us in a million different ways—supporting us in the kitchen, keeping our events safe, monitoring traffic, managing trash, setting up dozens of tables, and carrying heavy things!  We might still be cleaning up from IFF if we didn’t have all of you!

Thanks to the Ben and Roberto, our fabulous teacher liaisons.  Between keeping us informed, passing on our emails, sharing your room, teaching us the computer and photographing our events—it’s a wonder you are still talking to us!

Thanks to the room parents who have attended meetings, organized class events, sent out monthly emails, forwarded a million more emails, recruited volunteers, AND found the time to volunteer yourselves.  You are appreciated more than you realize—we couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks to our parent supporters and subscribers, for volunteering at events and cheerleading on the PTA.

Thanks to our students—your smiles make it all worthwhile.

Have a great summer, and we’ll see you in the fall.  Room Parent sign-ups and Halloween are just around the corner……..