Santos/Liaison Meeting: March

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MS/HS Liaison Meeting: March 22, 2012

Issues Raised by Mr. Santos:

  • Thursday, March 29th General Strike (including transportation). School is planning to organize carpools for teachers. Will not be a normal day, because will be a high absentee rate for teachers and students. Ultimately, it up to the individual families about how to get to school.

Open Issues raised by MS/HS

  • PE/Exercise Movement—how can we maximize student physical activity. PE? Written scope and sequence exists, online curriculum is under construction. There continues to be a concern over class teaching of skills, drills, scrimmage. School wants to optimize play areas for MS/HS, by making balls available and making play areas available. This can be difficult, since the patios are shared with elementary PE classes. Timing of PE program and patios is under discussion for next year. A basketball tournament is in the works for the spring.
  • How has the 11/12th grade IB program affected 9/10th grades? IB Preparation in 9/10th grade has been happening for three years, curriculum and faculty have been laying the groundwork.
  • Are group projects being used effectively? There are many group projects, which put a logistic burden on families. At the same time, there can be an unfair distribution of effort between strong/weak students.
  • Major Test and Assessment Calendar: Teachers should be reminded about this!