Open PTA Meeting: April

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General Updates:

  • MS PE /Exercise: School is working with MS/HS PE teacher towards a written PE curriculum. This does not mean that all lesson plans will be written and shared with parents. School is also looking at ways to optimize opportunities for physical activity during the day that can be offered to the kids. Tournaments are being organized during recess in MHS.
  • Math Textbook Update: Why do we have Australian textbooks for Math? BFIS chose the current textbook with four criteria in mind: English language, adequate preparation for IB program in 11th grade, international nomenclature (metric, not American Standard), and available in Europe. There was not an appropriate American textbook fitting all three criteria.
  • SFL 2012-2013: International Students will have the opportunity to work on Spanish language skills using Rosetta Stone program on school computers. More information to follow.

 International Food Fair is Friday, May 18th

  • Why don’t we provide free bracelets to volunteers? Financially, we can’t afford to give free bracelets to the hundred plus people who volunteer at IFF. At the same time, trying to award limited number of bracelets to smaller tables was complicated by issues of uneven expenses, effort, and numbers of volunteers. Last year, after much open debate, the community voted to discontinue the policy of free bracelets for volunteers. Ultimately, each country must decide for themselves whether or not to participate.
  • Help for Small Countries: Small countries with limited volunteers may want to consider sharing a table with neighboring countries in the region or focusing on a single food or dish, rather than presenting a banquet.
  • GUEST WORKER program, in which we can provide volunteers for a shift, enabling countries with one or two volunteers to enjoy the fair for a time.
  • In collaboration with ES music teacher, IFF entertainment will showcase more international acts with link to country traditions. Please recruit your fellow citizen performers now!

 New IFF ideas for consideration by the PTA:

  •  Sign-in table for Last Minute Volunteers,
  • “International table” for those parents that want to bring in one dish, but are not affiliated with a country table. This table would still need a captain to work.
  • Better communication from PTA that this is not a PTA funded event, but parents are paying for food etc.
  • Increasing prices at bar as a substitute for free bracelets.
  • Reminding countries to bring a trashcan if they want—ease of cleaning up and school supplies are always limited!

New Discussion Items:

  • If you have a suggestion for outside speakers/authors/participants, please pass the name and description on to the PTA. PTA will send it on to appropriate department.
  • Children not allowed to play tag on the playground anymore. Can alternative way of playing tag be found? To be logged in the PCL.
  • If you would like to get more involved with BFIS, please consider helping out with the PTA Board. We are always in search of fresh perspectives and helpful, organized people!