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ES Room Parents/Duval February Meeting

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ES Room Parent mtg Mr. Duval – February 8, 2012

Open Issues:

Many of the January open issues were addressed in the January Q&A in the Weekly.

New Issues: 

Immersion opportunities:  Children in transient families. One of the goals of those families that come to Spain for 1 or 2 years, is for kids to learn Spanish. Most don’t realize how few opportunites there are for the children to use language skills acquired at school and feel the school is not offering enough support. These families would greatly benefit from part of the school curriculum to be taught in Spanish.  James explains that it is a Board decision for all teaching to be done in English. It was agreed for the room partent to enter this in the Parent Concern Log so it can be assigned to the Board for consideration. Another suggestion is to make it more clear in the Admissions process and on the website just how “Catalan” the city is.

Bus monitors: Same rules should apply in bus as they do in school yard. Bus monitors aren’t strict enough. School does set expectations with bus monitors and have been instructed to alert Principals directly. School has followed up with bus company, but this is not a structural review, it happens on an ad hoc basis. School has looked at having teachers on the bus, but this isn’t a viable option. School to look at tweaking the communication process between bus monitor & school.

Nurse: sometimes the wait between alerting parents and kids being picked up is very long and there is a request for the students to be allowed to go up to the library to take out a book. Nurse has a box of books for children to read while they are waiting.

ISA test: No information went out with announcement to parents before the test. What is it? Why? Will results be communicated to parents? When?  Does ISA influence BFIS grade?  James to follow up.

Open PTA Meeting, February 22

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Follow Up to January Meeting:

  • Traffic Patterns:  Traffic pattern was implemented Monday the 20th.
    • Jim Conner (teacher traffic supervisor) has reported that compliments are coming in regarding the chaos at the bottom of the hill—a lot less three-point turns going in every direction.
    • Lack of crosswalk up at the upper gate–Could the people at the drop-off area help with crossing?
    • Could the bottom green gate be open?  With it open, we can keep walkers off the congested sidewalks.
    • In the afternoons, people need to remember that the one-way traffic pattern still holds true.
    • Lunch Committee:
      • Due to ongoing concerns, we invited interested parents to work together on a small committee.  There were two responders.  The committee will be convening in the next few weeks.  Cuina Justa would also like to meet with parents.
      • Cuina Justa already encourages all students to take a bite or taste all the foods.  They are also considering methods of reporting to parents if the child has not eaten anything.
      • BFIS has explained that there are a few items that are not open to debate:
        • Students can sit wherever
        • BFIS will not force children to clear their plate
        • Lunch cannot be longer
  • With a small school, it may be hard to find a provider who can accommodate many choices, particularly when numbers of kids buying are not consistent.
  • Are there menu options?  Cultural differences?  Different choices? There are currently options for vegetarians, gluten-free and lactose-free, but there may be restrictions on these items.   Can there be daily options?
  • Ongoing concerns:  expensive and food runs out before last meals.
  • Head of School Search Committee—Board may be making an announcement regarding the head of school search work by the end of February.
  • Bus Behavior:  BFIS acknowledges that school bus behavior is linked to campus behavior.
    • There are established rules for the school bus, and there is a process in place to enable the monitors to unacceptable behavior.
    • BFIS has met with the monitors already this year to review the process, and they are now trying to look at ways to tweak the reporting to make it more consistent and effective.
    • ISA test has happened.  Can the school include information in an upcoming Weekly the FAQ’s regarding the intent and purpose of the test.


New Issues: