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Playing Host

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal

For the first time in our school history, BFIS hosted the annual training session for educators participating in the upcoming NESA Virtual Science Fair. Approximately 30 teachers gathered on campus this week for the training, including our very own 5th grade team alongside elementary to university level teachers from countries including Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, India, Pakistan and Senegal.

NESA Virtual Science Fair

NESA Virtual Science Fair

The 5th grade students at BFIS will have the opportunity to participate in the Virtual Science Fair for the third consecutive year. Based on what we have witnessed in previous years, it is fair to say that this opportunity is quickly becoming the capstone learning experience within the elementary science curriculum. Similar to traditional science fairs, children have the opportunity to apply and explore scientific concepts through staging experiments, recording observations, comparing results with hypotheses and drawing conclusions. However, what makes this experience unique is that students are paired with high school or university students outside of Barcelona who act as “e-mentors” and provide feedback to throughout the process. These exchanges allow our children to extend their scientific support network beyond the BFIS community and also gives them the chance to use web-based, collaborative platforms identical to what many universities use for online coursework and idea sharing.

In light of the societal changes taking place within the global community, the argument could easily be made that current generation will encounter a world the likes of which we have never before seen. Given the circumstances, it is increasingly evident that we must provide children with opportunities to think critically, discover multiple pathways to possible solutions, exercise creativity, take risks, make connections across disciplines and apply knowledge in new and unforeseen contexts. Knowing that children are often far less inhibited in their thinking than adults, we want to promote their “what if” way of seeing the world through authentic learning experiences such as the Virtual Science Fair to help prepare students for the kinds of complex challenges they will face in the future.

Halloween Party Postponed Until Friday, November 4th

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Sadly, this isn’t a TRICK–the BFIS Halloween Party has been postponed until Friday, November 4th, 6-9 PM.

We have been closely monitoring weather predictions, and it looks as though rain is in the forecast.  The PTA needed to make an early decision in order to provide adequate notice for our many off-campus suppliers.

But, come back for a real TREAT, and join us on Friday, November 4th our annual BFIS Halloween Party.  It is sure to be a huge success!  Carnival games, grilled burgers, chilled cava, spooky haunted houses, delightful Bounce Castles, collectible rubber duckies, American Halloween candy–we promise that you will have an AMAZING time! Happy Halloween!

Counting on Halloween

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Halloween-EntranceThere’s just over seven days to go until the annual BFIS
Halloween Party—and wow, are we excited!

Over 15 kg. of sweet American candy has been donated to fill candy bags for the Ghosty General Store.  200 butifara and hamburgers will be sizzling on the grill.   Dozens of desserts are warming in the ovens, ready to tempt your sweet tooth.

250 adorable haunted rubber duckies—ghosts, cowboys, unicorns, flamenco dancers, Vikings, vampires and more—are waiting to be purchased by eager collectors.

We’ve ordered 350 meters of rope lighting to illuminate our spooky space.  More balloons than we can count will be used to create gigantic spiders, arches and more.

Two bounce castles are ready to help little students jump off some energy—while one haunted house silently broods in the corner—ready to scare the brave souls who enter.

One dunk tank has been newly built—and 50 LITERS of water are ready for our two brave school heads and three more teachers—who have volunteered to be our first victims. So warm up that pitching arm!

Over 300 families are invited to one of the most entertaining evenings of the year.  90 amazing people have already volunteered to help before or during the event.

But one really important number remains—16 spots still need volunteers to help run a game, stand by the door of the haunted house, or sell slices of pizza.  Without volunteers, our event would turn out to be a big, lonely, zero.

Please, subscribe today to get information on how to sign up to volunteer at this event.  Or contact to find out where you are needed the most!  (I’ll give you a clue—we need volunteers willing to between 7:30 and 9—and, of course, to stay and clean up!)

Building a Sense of Community

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal

Throughout the school year the ES community will celebrate a number of different themes related to social and emotional learning. Along with highlighting these themes during elementary assemblies, teachers will also be doing lessons and activities that allow our students to reflect upon specific concepts and ideas connected to the themes.

The first theme of the year was Building a Sense of Community. We started with this theme with the knowledge that there is nothing more important than helping children feel connected to classmates, teachers and the greater community. This sense of belonging is perhaps the most important part of a child’s experience at school as it impacts every single aspect of learning and development.

In addition the Class Meetings and specific lessons conducted by teachers, I want to highlight a small but significant effort made to welcome our new students into the community. Since her arrival, Ms. Delgado has organized special lunch time gatherings at the start of the year for all new students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. It is a time for these kids to be able to get to know one another and also provide an opportunity for the two of us to introduce ourselves in a small group setting. While the children are eating their lunch, we have a simple activity that allows them to take turns speaking about themselves, their families, their old schools or what they like about BFIS. Even though the time is short, we notice that after these lunches the new students feel comfortable waving to us in the hallways and speaking to us on the playground without hesitation. Through these small moments, our goal is continually show the children that we are here to support and care for them every step of the way.

We know that community is not something that is built to completion all at once but rather is a living entity that must be constantly nurtured in order to grow and evolve. In line with this thinking, our second theme of the year is Accepting and Embracing Differences. We want to help children understand that communities are inevitably inclusive of people who are different from one another and that these differences are exactly what makes communities so special. Luckily for all of us, there is no better place to learn about this reality than BFIS.

Halloween is coming!

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Halloween is comingCalling all Ghosts and Goblins!  The Annual Halloween Party is coming to BFIS—and we need YOUR help to make it amazing.

The Halloween Party offers a bounce house, carnival games, a costume parade, a haunted house and more.  Children can buy their fill of American Halloween Candy or start a new creepy collection at the Ghostly General Store.   If you get tired of playing, join us at the grill for hamburgers, butifarra, side dishes, desserts, and a bar.

But wait–it takes a lot of work to put on this frightening event.  Volunteers are needed two days ahead of time to begin advance preparations.   On the day of the party, we start decorating at about 1 PM.  The evening of the party, we will be looking for volunteers to work selling tickets, running games and in the bar.  If you can’t spend time with us, please consider sending in a side dish or baked good (in a DISPOSABLE CONTAINER, PLEASE) to sell at the event.

If you would like to have a great time by getting more involved, become a subscriber to our PTA Website today.  We’ll send you the link to volunteer.  And don’t forget, volunteers get a free drink at the event.  The BFIS Annual Halloween Party is Friday, October 28th, 6 PM.  Admission is FREE, and games, food and drink are paid for in tickets (1 euro/ticket).  Tickets and take-away PUMPKINS will be available after school from Tuesday, Oct. 25th through Thursday, Oct. 27th and at the event.